Much more than a lifestyle magazine

Who are we?

Luxus Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that presents exceptional and inspiring personalities, showcasing today’s creations and tomorrow’s trends, as well as the people who make them. But Luxus Magazine is much more than just a lifestyle magazine: it’s a point of view, an inquisitive eye, a strong bias on the evolution of contemporary society. It’s a magazine that opens doors, that introduces visionary personalities, new talents, original objects, places of unlimited period and style – a magazine that inspires and carries you away. It’s a singular, cultured, rich vision that always encourages reflection, exchange, pleasure and emotion, thanks in particular to the beauty of the images it presents. Particular attention is also paid to the weight of words, with the aim of transcribing the singularity of each talent, each signature, each place. Last but not least, Luxus Magazine is a universe that extends far beyond the pages of the magazine, through a website, events and multiple experiences.

2 regular bilingual issues

A lifestyle magazine combining glamour and investigation through its articles on fashion, design, decoration, art and society. Luxus Magazine is 138 pages dedicated to lifestyle, new trends and investigation.


Les grandes révélations de la Cellule Enquête


Au cœur des enjeux sociétaux


Un répertoire de produits au design exceptionnel.


Mode, Design, Décoration…


Unique experiences!

The Luxus Magazine exhibition, to be launched in 2023, will celebrate the work of designers. Each year, a dozen talents selected by the editorial team will stage a piece illustrating their know-how and style. Surrounded by the greatest artists, they will pay tribute to design, decoration and fashion. A veritable showcase for the different trades, this unique event will enable the general public to discover spaces usually reserved for the pages of Luxus Magazine.

Luxus Magazine N°8

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