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When the magic of Disney invites itself into the great houses of luxury

When the magic of Disney invites itself into the great houses of luxury

Luxury and the Disney animation studios have always had close ties. Here is a look back at some of the most significant collaborations between luxury and the creator of Mickey Mouse.


The Little Mermaid by Swarovski x Disney


Jewelry maker Swarovski has collaborated with Disney on numerous occasions, but one of the most luxurious and memorable of them is undoubtedly the collaboration with The Little Mermaid. While the annual edition of the partnership was priced at 349€, the limited edition, on the other hand, is on sale for 11,900€. The collection also includes Polochon and Sébastien, Ariel’s faithful friends.


Disney princess wedding dresses by designer Alfred Angelo



For the unconditional fans of the Disney universe, the designer Alfred Angelo, with 80 years of experience in high fashion, offers wedding dresses inspired by those of the Disney princess movies.



During his Bridal Fashion Week, the designer chose to present dresses inspired by Disney princesses, preferring independent and strong character princesses like Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, or the Snow Queen.


The real Disney princess dresses by Kuraudia



The Japanese brand Kuraudia has gone one step further by signing an official partnership with Walt Disney to reproduce exactly the dresses featured in the movies, to feel like a real Disney princess for a day.


The Kuraudia x Disney dress collection includes dresses from Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and many more. For the price, you’ll have to spend $3,600, a reasonable amount for the quality of the materials used.


Disney princess engagement rings x H. Samuel



In keeping with the theme of love, the jeweler H. Samuel has signed a collection of engagement rings with Disney. Each ring is inspired by one of the Disney princesses and the rings are in white or rose gold, and adorned with diamonds, topaz or garnets.



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The ring inspired by Princess Belle in Beauty and the Beast features a rose and the ring inspired by Princess Elsa from The Snow Queen is adorned with a snowflake. The collection has a total of twelve engagement ring designs.


Louboutin x Star Wars



Disney is not limited to high fashion and jewelry, and for the 2017 release of The Last Jedi, the eighth installment of the Star Wars saga, Disney Studios signed a collaboration surprising, to say the least, with shoe manufacturer Christian Louboutin.



Christian Louboutin has thus imagined four pairs of heels directly inspired by the galactic universe of Star Wars. Sold at auction, the profits of this daring collaboration were donated to the charity Starlight Children’s.




Featured photo : © Disney x Swarovski

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