10 iconic Easter eggs from luxury hotels

From the whale at the Lutetia to the pine cone at the Hôtel Martinez Cannes and the jewel egg at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, the chefs at the top-of-the-range hotels have redoubled their imagination to present Easter eggs that are as tasty as they are original. Discover 10 chocolate creations that are sure to make your mouth water.


The Mandarin Oriental Easter Nut


© Mandarin Oriental Paris


Mandarin Oriental pastry chef Adrien Bozzolo has unveiled a trompe-l’œil egg in the shape of a walnut. Measuring 18 centimetres high and 15 centimetres wide, the shell is filled with walnut cookies and golden kernels of 70% dark chocolate and crunchy walnut praline.


The Burgundy Floraison egg


© Burgundy


With its movement in the shape of a blossoming flower, this egg imagined by Léandre Vivier is made from 60% milk chocolate with little sugar and, once the petals have been tasted, reveals rose-flavoured fruit pastes at its heart.


The Pine Cone at the Hôtel Martinez Cannes


© Arolpicture


The result of a collaboration between Hôtel Martinez pastry chef Fabrice Fernandes and chef Jean Imbert, this creation evokes the fruit of the Mediterranean umbrella pines. The flavours include a dark chocolate shell containing an almond praline and calisson paste, topped with chocolate petals. The sweetness is placed on a chocolate base with caramelised almonds.


The Peninsula Paris Eclosion egg


© Peninsula Paris


Inspired by the Dancing Leaves blown crystal work installed in the lobby of the Parisian palace, this floral bud is as appetising as it is refined. Chef Anne Coruble has created a dark chocolate base topped with a milk chocolate, green vanilla and blue vanilla ganache. At its heart is a buckwheat praline with almond and smoked vanilla, and an envelope of milk chocolate.


The jewel egg at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme



© Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme


Pastry Chef of the Year 2024, Naraé Kim has presented a jewel-box egg for the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, delicately decorated and adorned with fine stones. Featuring a dark chocolate shell, the egg has two drawers in which small biscuits are hidden. The back of this Easter creation is filled with a hazelnut praline.


Eggs as works of art in blown glass at the Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris


© Romeo Balancourt


Chefs Olivier Piras and Alessandra Del Favero, from the Michelin-starred Il Carpaccio restaurant at the Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris luxury hotel, have unveiled chocolate eggs inspired by the glass sculptures of Italian artist Lino Tagliapietra. While these creations stretch like glass, there are three variations to discover. The first is a chocolate shell with a coffee praline with fleur de sel and crushed roasted beans, the second is a chocolate shell with caramel and a pistachio praline, and the last is a hazelnut-flavoured chocolate egg with a lemon peel confit.


The Mad Poule at the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir


© Ritz Paris Le Comptoir


François Perret has created a rather playful egg with the face of an elegant hen adorned with orange legs, a yellow beak and, by way of egret, a red madeleine, the iconic sweet of the Ritz Paris. The Mad Poule, in 72% dark chocolate or 43% milk chocolate, contains small filled madeleines.


The whale at Lutetia Paris


© Lutetia Paris


A reference to Lutetia Paris’s ecological approach and its ambition to protect the oceans, this Easter whale, designed by Nicolas Guercio, is made up of a double chocolate shell with iodine flavours and a black sesame praline inside.


The Shangri-La Paris stoup


© Laurent Fau


For the Shangri-La Paris, Maxence Barbot is highlighting the most elegant shell in the marine world: the clam. Its double shell of 75% dark chocolate envelops an almond and hazelnut praline and a melting heart of caramel with fleur de sel. The inner layer of chocolate is sprinkled with wakame flower of salt, for a subtle marine touch. What’s so special about this piece? One of the creations hides a candy sugar pearl, which will give its owner the chance to win 7 nights at the Shangri-La Le Touessrok on Ile des Bénitiers.


The Bristol Paris Flame Egg


© Bristol Paris


Head chocolatier Johan Giacchetti reveals an egg in the shape of a red flame. In terms of flavours, there is a 70% dark chocolate shell topped with a praline pistachio or enveloped in orange blossom caramel.



Featured photo: © Laurent Fau

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