5 inspirational fashion shows for spring summer 2024

From late September to early October 2023, the luxury fashion houses presented their spring-summer 2024 collections at Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. Here’s a look back at some of the standout shows, sources of inspiration for the coming summer season.


Miu Miu’s trendy return to the beach


© Miu Miu


There’s a reason why Miu Miu has been dominating the Lyst Index rankings in recent months. Prada’s little sister, also led by artistic director Miuccia Prada, unveiled an ultra-trendy spring-summer 2024 show. The Miu Miu woman wore a pair of sportswear shorts with a double belt and white bow, accompanied by a blazer, polo shirt and shirt for a seaside university chic feel. The top of these gym shorts also protrudes from tailored trousers and low-cut skirts, albeit with big belts. The Miu Miu fan also dared to wear swimming costumes with everyday jackets or shirts, and bustiers tied like a scarf. These trendy looks are a subtle blend of styles, perfect for a holiday in Monaco.


Sensuality and finesse at Dolce & Gabbana


© Dolce & Gabbana


There’s only one step from lingerie to the outwear wardrobe. Underwear is visible under sheer dresses, garter belts and stockings are omnipresent, suits are worn with a bra and a knotted scarf, demure dresses are contrasted by the play of materials, lace panties are unashamedly exposed, sexy trench coats reveal the look, corsets structure the silhouette… All the codes of lingerie are there. Mostly black, some of the outfits are totally white, as if intended for an erotic bride. For the summer season, Dolce & Gabbana encourages us to reveal our bodies and our undergarments with sensual, refined and glamorous outfits.


Valentino’s embossed flowers


© Valentino


Early evening in a trendy bar, cocktail in hand, chatting to friends as the sun’s rays fade. In such a setting, the choice of an exceptional dress couldn’t be more important. And Valentino has the answer. For spring-summer 2024, the Italian fashion house is offering pieces with flowers and 3D baroque motifs. Dresses with cut-outs, which give a glimpse of the skin, stand out for this interesting relief. With sandals or heels, the look is original and very feminine. It’s enough to turn you into a woman in a bouquet of flowers!


The crumpled shirt from Y/Project


© Y / Project


Easy to wear, matching many outfits, as chic as it is relaxed: the shirt is a wardrobe essential, especially in summer. When the breeze encourages us to cover up delicately, or when it’s evening, this piece is perfect. Especially this one from Y/Project, a real favourite this season. Completely unstructured, as if rolled up on itself, this shirt gives a casual look, but paired with an elegant skirt or wide summer trousers, it adds a real chic and daring touch to the look.


Safari atmosphere at Saint Laurent


© Saint Laurent


While the safari theme is an integral part of Saint Laurent’s creative identity, the House’s 2024 summer collection is an ode to this heritage. We love the looks of the budding explorers, true modern-day adventurers. In a palette of sand, brown and white, safari jackets, large patch pockets, practical vertical buttonholes and chunky belts are combined with beautiful gold jewellery, stilettos, short leather gloves and aviator sunglasses. Simple enough to reproduce, these adventurous outfits oscillate between character and sophistication.



Featured photo : © Dolce & Gabbana / Miu Miu / Valentino

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