A short history of luxury: the Cartier boutique in the rue de la paix

13 rue de la Paix, a legendary address, the cradle of Cartier’s style, reopens its doors after two years of renovation. Take a guided tour.


The legendary Cartier boutique, located at 13 rue de la Paix, is once again open to the public after months of intense renovation. “From the outset, the boutique was unique because of its universal vocation: its opening in 1899 is associated with the arrival of Louis Cartier as head of the house and the creation of the design studio,” says Pierre Rainero, director of image, style and heritage at Cartier.


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Three architectural agencies: Moinard Bétaille, Studioparisien and Laura Gonzalez, worked together to harmoniously transform the six levels of the building. The architectural identity has been preserved, as has the original façade and historical details, notably the decorative mouldings, which are combined with contemporary elements. All of this is under a glass roof that floods the six floors with light.


The Moinard Bétaille agency, which has been designing Cartier boutiques for more than 20 years, was responsible for the first three levels. It emphasised the openness of the space. The imposing central staircase has disappeared, as has the string of small rooms with their dark wood panelling and opaque glass dome ceiling, dating from the last renovation in 2005. Instead, a large central space opens onto the five upper floors, which are visible in a glass-ceilinged atrium. Two floors are also occupied by offices in the basement.


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“Adding radiant light and inviting visitors to move freely around the multi-level shop was a priority,” explains Bruno Moinard of the architectural firm Moinard Bétaille.


Twelve master craftsmen and 40 workshops specialising in lacquering, woodworking, masonry and mosaics teamed up to create all the decorative elements and custom-made furniture. “By inviting them to work together, we have pushed many of these talented craftsmen to go beyond their own imagination, and create dreams that will transport the visitor,” comments Bruno Moinard.


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The upper floors of the building, most of which were designed by Studioparisien, include repair and customisation offices, fine jewellery workshops and the company’s archives. For the top floor, Parisian architect Laura Gonzalez has designed the Residence: this lounge-dining room-winter garden will be used for entertaining clients and friends of the house.


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For the occasion, Cartier has created exclusive pieces to mark the reopening, ranging from 5 high jewellery creations to 3 limited edition watches. Each of these watches bears the number 13 at 12 o’clock on the dial and the word “Peace” at 1 o’clock.



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