Luxus+ Mag Fall-Winter 2021 : The editorial by Claire Domergue !

As we previously announced, Luxus+ Mag is undergoing a revival! This season, our pages bear witness to this more than ever, and you, our readers, are making a major contribution.


First of all, the renewal of the visual identity in line with the new editorial line of Luxus+ Mag. After the health and economic crisis we have been through, unveiling a new title seemed impossible in 2021… And yet Anthony, our editor-in-chief, Adrien, our art director, Hélène, Mathieu and Angelina, our journalists, and Perrine, our administrative and communication assistant, answered Luxus+ Mag’s call. Our proposal: to offer you the opportunity to rediscover the luxury lifestyle, while sharing with you our thoughts on the current and future society. This health crisis may well have accelerated our plans after all. One thing is for sure: the team has not given up!



Being optimistic without ignoring sensitive issues? It’s our way of dealing with current issues that affect us closely. For example, the question of the preservation of excellent professions: Yes, for several years we have been facing the revaluation of professions that suffered from an image deficit. Better still, women now even have access to certain trades that were previously reserved for men in the craft industry. The committed actors of the luxury ecosystem have invented new egalitarian and inclusive principles. We went to meet these pioneers of a new art of living. Inspiring!


For this new fall-winter issue, we have also prepared a mountain getaway and not the least: find our special report to discover or rediscover the treasures of the Alpine region. On the menu: real estate, hotels, restaurants, spas, etc.


Among other new features, our special gift pages. Visit the central section of the magazine to discover 49 gifts to please yourself and others throughout the year: games, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics … Take time for yourself and adopt new rituals to live more serenely, I’m ready to take up the challenge in 2022, aren’t you? Enjoy your reading!


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Featured photo : Claire Domergue

Fondatrice et directrice de la publication de Luxus +, Claire Domergue est spécialiste en marketing du luxe. Avant de fonder le média d’information spécialiste de l’économie du luxe, Claire Domergue a travaillé pendant plus de sept ans dans le domaine de la communication pour les grands noms du secteur.


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