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“Art at home challenge”: What if the piece of art was you?

“Art at home challenge”: What if the piece of art was you?

Re-creating a famous work of art in the comfort of one’s own home is the biggest viral challenge on social networks these days. A challenge that is both educational and fun and which promises to keep us busy during the confinement period.


With the hashtag #artathome shared thousands of times within a few days on Instagram and Twitter, the “Art At Home Challenge” is the hottest challenge on social networks right now.


gettymuseum / Instagram


The challenge is simple but daring: to reproduce the artworks of renowned artists at home, with objects and/or people from our immediate environment.


gettymuseum / Instagram


From Frida Khalo to Caravaggio, via Banksy, Johannes Vermeer, Klimt, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and Dalí… works by artists from all over the world and from every artistic movement have therefore been recreated by those confined to the four corners of the earth.


gettymuseum / Instagram


The Getty Museum in Los Angeles is behind this artistic challenge. After sharing a few snapshots of his creations (made with the museum’s bored employees), Twitter users responded massively by posting their own art re-creations.


Francesco De Grazia recreating Caravaggio’s “Boy With a Basket of Fruit.”


Internet users are far from being short of creativity: some have used their pets as liners for human beings, while others have reused rolls of toilet paper to imitate the powdered shape of a wig in an 18th century Parisian painting or the filling of a fruit basket.


@tussenkunstenquarantaine / Instagram


The Dutch account “Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine”, which means “between art and quarantine”, also proposes to display a “home-made” art by using a maximum of three objects found at home, however derisory and futile they may be.


@tussenkunstenquarantaine / Instagram


Ironic reconstructions, often laughable, but which also invite us to draw on our imagination and develop our creativity because we must find in our own homes the means to imitate historical masterpieces.


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A challenge that also happens to be instructive since the Internet user is led to immerse himself in the most iconic works of the past centuries and to revisit the history of art.


An original, cultural, inventive and funny initiative that cleverly mixes art and humour.


The challenge goes on!




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Featured Photo : © @tussenkunstenquarantaine / Instagram