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Balmain and Beyoncé join forces for an exclusive collection

Balmain and Beyoncé join forces for an exclusive collection

Olivier Rousteing, the artistic director of the House of Balmain, signs a new collection in collaboration with the queen of pop, Beyoncé. 17 looks, 17 inspirations and only one common point: the latest album of the singer.


When great minds meet… This is the case with this exclusive collection, co-signed by the iconic designer of the House of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, at the helm since 2009 and the queen of bees and pop, Beyoncé. Friends in life, they designed this opus together called Renaissance Couture, inspired by the singer’s latest album Renaissance.


Queen Bey does nothing like anyone else. While in the music world, it is common to release a video per song to unveil his new album, the American artist, it has revealed none. And she chose to promote her album via a collection of Haute-Couture clothing.


Living on rhinestones and sequins


The story begins last July, when Olivier Rousteing finalizes his spring-summer 2023 collection, while humming Renaissance on a loop. After several listenings, he begins to imagine designs related to these songs. As he tells Vogue: “I started to imagine sketches related to his album, how they would relate to the songs and lyrics. It wasn’t something I was supposed to do, but I was inspired by the music. That’s how it all started“.


Stubborn and creative, the designer continued to design pieces before making a big decision. He contacted Beyoncé’s stylist, Marni Senofonte, and told her outright that he wanted to create a collection in collaboration with the star. And it is after a double approval that the machine is launched.


The artistic director had already worked closely with Beyoncé, including several stage outfits for Coachella. Looks that are still engraved in the annals and memories of fans and fashion enthusiasts.


During the last five months, Olivier Rousteing worked again with Queen Bey and her stylist. The first step was to reduce the fifty looks sketched by the designer, to adjust to 17 looks. As the number of songs on the album. The second part was to transform these sketches into a high fashion collection signed Balmain x Beyoncé. The result is a mix between the Balmain style, recognizable among thousands and the musical heritage of the singer.



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Each outfit is inspired by a song, or sometimes by certain lyrics. Two of them have already been seen on the red carpet of the Grammys and Brit Awards. The others have been unveiled in photos, but we’ll have to wait to admire them in real life.


In total, a synergy of genres and styles. There is only one step between the fashion and music worlds, and these two inspiring and inspired public figures do not fail to demonstrate it.


Three titles, three looks and three inspirations


In an interview with Vogue magazine, Olivier Rousteing talks about the inspirations that helped him create these original and powerful creations, through words and shapes.


I’m that girl



This very first look with gothic inspirations is composed of a metal bustier, embellished with many spikes, imagined by the sculptor Elie Hirsch. It comes with matching spiked bracelets, for a total punk look. The bottom is a long black skirt pareo, draped over the hips in lambskin, a material in which are also made sexy gloves, to the “Gilda”.


An outfit that echoes the lyrics of the music. Between powerful, committed and defined woman, this outfit represents the essence of the strong woman, who is not afraid to assume herself, nor of the look of the others.


Summer Renaissance


See Also


This brilliant outfit by the idea and its rendering, is inspired by the last music of the album, which bears its name.


It is composed of three strong pieces: a short strapless dress, an ultra long cape and a matching wig. The whole is embroidered with lurex bangs, crystals and rhinestones. Because Queen Bey without sequins, it is no longer Queen Bey. This outfit symbolizes the power, the party, the joy with a disco spirit: “Bey and I knew that we had to aim for an absolute festive extravagance. The minimalism of Balmain’s short, perfectly tailored dress, with its strapless, horizontal lines, combines with the maximalism of the long cape that is definitely designed to be placed on the shoulders of a disco queen” Olivier Rousteing told Vogue.


Break my soul



This dark and glittering outfit represents the 6th track of the album, which was a worldwide success. This draped, hooded dress in shiny black velvet is accompanied by a 3D-printed varnished bustier to match the towering bracelets. More than just an inspiration, this look is a true train of thought: “We knew that to best reflect the spirit of this song, we had to give confidence and power to this design. So we played the drama card by pairing the striking trio of turban, hood and expert draping with this incredible sparkly bustier” describes the Balmain designer.


And to further highlight these couture outfits, Beyoncé will be on the cover of the next Vogue issue, wearing his and Olivier Rousteing’s designs. Can’t wait for this new cover and why not a next exhibition on Balmain x Beyoncé creations?



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Une publication partagée par Vogue France (@voguefrance)



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