Come aboard the eco-designed and eco-responsible yacht

Philippe Renaudeau and Nicolas Borella present their project, the Yacht By Lalique. It is an eco-designed and eco-responsible superyacht inspired by the French know-how of the house of Lalique.


The Yacht by Lalique is a 70.50 meter superyacht designed for ocean cruising. The boat was designed by Philippe Renaudeau. With lines inspired by the Art Deco years, the naval architect has succeeded in bringing his touch of modernity. The interior decoration is the business of Nicolas Borella. The interior designer was inspired by Lalique, the crystal specialist. Crystal is found everywhere in the superyacht, from the furniture to the decoration.


© Yacht by Lalique


The Yacht by Lalique has a four-deck layout, all covered with glass. The exterior space is spread over three levels and includes various areas such as bars, sunbathing areas and a bathing platform with a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. The 14 crew members of the superyacht reside on the lower deck.


L’extérieur du pont principal © Yacht by Lalique


On the main deck side, six guest cabins are available, all equipped with a private bathroom and toilet. There are also common areas on the main deck, such as a large lounge, a dining room and a bar.


© Yacht by Lalique


To reach the upper deck, the Yacht by Lalique is equipped with an elevator. And in this part of the boat, we discover a huge owner’s suite of 101m2 including a bedroom, double dressing room, double bathroom, double WC as well as a large lounge. Still on this same level, we find the wheelhouse with a jacuzzi and its sunbaths, as well as a helipad of more than 100m2.


© Yacht by Lalique

An eco-responsible superyacht


Although its dimensions may seem impressive, that is not what makes the Yacht by Lalique stand out. It is its eco-designed and eco-responsible construction and operation that make it unique. The boat will generate its own energy using renewable resources and bio-based and circular economy materials.


Thanks to renewable energies such as the sea, the sun, the wind, or the current and the swell, the superyacht will be autonomous in energy. For this, the two designers wanted to use the latest technologies in electrolysis. In this case, it is a question of extracting hydrogen from sea water, which will be preserved on board to become fuel for fuel cells.


© Yacht by Lalique


In addition to these new methods, solar panels, wind turbines integrated directly into the structure and various eco-responsible systems will be used on the superyacht.


In addition to the infrastructure, the ship will be equipped with waste garbage cans for selective sorting. On board, a maximum of biosourced and biodegradable containers will be used in order to reduce as much as possible the packaging lost on board.


In terms of construction, the designers have chosen aluminum for the hull, the profile and the superstructure. Whenever possible, natural materials such as reinforcing fibers such as bamboo, flax or hemp or basalt will be used for the fixed furniture.






Featured photo : © Yacht by Lalique

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