Fashion: Kim Kardashian becomes the face of the new Marc Jacobs campaign

The eponymous fashion designer Marc Jacobs has just unveiled through his instagram account a preview of the new autumn winter campaign. And who better than the world star of reality TV, Kim Kardashian, to embody the new face of the brand through a series of vintage shots.


Despite all that can be said about Kim Kardashian -the star-influencer-businesswoman with 363 million followers on Instagram– fashion loves her face and her image. Covers of the biggest magazines, creator of his own brand, muse Dolce & Gabbana and now the one who orchestrated the artistic direction of Louis Vuitton for sixteen years (1997-2013): Marc Jacobs. She loves fashion and fashion loves her too.



Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Marc Jacobs (@themarcjacobs)


For his part, the American designer known for his keen sense and unique vision of fashion, revealed via the California social network that Kim Kardashian would embody the new face of his winter campaign. This obviously made his community react, as well as the rest of the fashion sphere.


A surprising muse


After the new Gucci campaign that brought model Daria Werbowy back from the ashes or Chloe Sevigny for Proenza Schouler, it is now Marc Jacobs turn to to rehabilitate an icon of the 2000s. It must be said that the couturier, always perched on high heels, has a strong penchant for star muses. He has already collaborated with big names such as Cher, Winona Ryder, Pamela Anderson, Lourdes Leon and now Kim K.



Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs)


The instagram star took the pose under the eye of fashion photographer – known for the hypersexualization of his shots – Tyrone Lebon and under the artistic direction of Alastair McKimm. Long black and smooth hair, luscious lips and simple makeup, KK embodies the strong, fashionable and determined woman of modern times. Small jump in time however with the grain of the camera, analog way, which adds a vintage side to the countryside.


From a stylistic point of view too, the campaign summons the 2000s (Y2K as young people say), a decade that made it a star with notably Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a reality show in 20 seasons, broadcast from October 2007 on E! in the United States. The fans did not fail to see in this total black look and her sleek haircut a wink to her friend, ex-member of the Spice Girls and other successful entrepreneur, Victoria Beckham, called “Posh”.



On social networks, the first pictures and the teasing video show the influencer wearing the novelties Marc Jacobs, such as the iconic Kiki shoes with skyhigh wedge heels (15 cm), the mini pink leather bag or some jewelry. Fun or renewal, the brand’s Instagram account, which has more than 12 million followers, is now composed only of new photos from the fall-winter campaign.


A somewhat controversial choice


The first photo caused a great controversy among the fervent admirers of the brand and fashion fan. Indeed, many of them commented on the post showing their dissatisfaction with this artistic choice and the new face of the brand. Marc Jacobs’ followers accuse the brand of a lack of originality, due to the previous Dolce & Gabbana campaign that also highlighted Kim Kardashian. They expect change, renewal and above all “new faces”.


As a terrible child of fashion we could quote Alexander Mc Queen or more recently J W Anderson. But it must be said that Marc Jacobs, since his grunge show Spring-summer 1993 for the brand Perry Ellis, does nothing like everyone else, escapes the many dictates of fashion and is accustomed to criticism and controversy, without ever paying attention to it.


One thing is for sure, this new campaign is off to a flying start.



Featured photo : © Press

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