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Five couture make-up looks to inspire you for Halloween

Five couture make-up looks to inspire you for Halloween

On Tuesday 31 October, the traditional Halloween party will be an opportunity to dress up in your best costume and put on make-up that can only be worn for this event.


From a gothic punk look to a moody doll style and an artistic beauty makeover, we take a look at five makeup looks from the ready-to-wear and haute couture catwalks of the world’s leading luxury fashion houses, all of which you’ll want to adopt in the next few days.


Alexander McQueen: the silver look


At the end of the 90s, the great couturier Alexander McQueen reigned supreme over the fashion world. Each of his fashion shows is eagerly awaited by the public and professionals alike, as his shows are truly artistic spectacles. And for the spring-summer 1997 collection, a pivotal year in the luxury world due to the emergence of new designers with unrivalled talent, the British fashion house scored a major coup.



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Inspired by the artist Hans Bellmer, known for his erotically reinvented dolls, Alexander McQueen unveiled sexy, sensual silhouettes. Some models were even encased in metal structures. While the models’ feet tread a catwalk covered in water, their faces never fail to capture the attention of onlookers. This silver work around the eyes remains a beauty benchmark to this day, and can easily be adapted to a couture version of Halloween makeup.


Rick Owens: face covered in silver or gold


For autumn-winter 2015-2016, designer Rick Owens is dressing his models’ faces in make-up that leaves no one indifferent. Gold or silver leaves cover the models’ entire heads, like a glamorous mask from another luxury galaxy. Although this make-up can be a pain to wear all evening, it’s sure to make an impact.



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As with the Rick Owens show, there was no need to dress extravagantly for this kind of beauty. The designer opted for monochrome outfits in black, brown or grey, with a play on volume and draping.


Marc Jacobs: smoky eyes


Say goodbye to smoky black eyes and hello to too much eye shadow for Halloween. The Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 show is a source of inspiration for a gothic punk style that will match many dark looks. The eyes here are very smoky, with an ultra-black powder that nevertheless encompasses the eyes in an extreme way, beyond the mobile and lower eyelids. It’s enough to captivate your friends in the style of an extraordinary rocker.


©Marc Jacobs


Some of the other make-up looks on show at the show could be just the thing for the evening of 31 October, such as graphic liners and kohl that looks as if it’s been shed after torrents of tears, spiced up with black lips.


John Galliano: heart-shaped mouth and dark red blush


John Galliano was one of a new generation of artists who revolutionised the world of fashion. For his own Fall Winter 2007 collection, the designer staged a highly anticipated show, with voluptuous, feminine pieces contrasted by the lightness of tulle and the structure of coats and dresses with finely worked volumes.

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This collection is also expressed through make-up that oscillates between the candid doll and the Lady of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. A monochrome complexion, a dark red, marooned, heart-shaped mouth, heavily shadowed and blurred eyes, overdosed blush, ultra-thin eyebrows… This makeup reflects the style of an almost melancholic, even neurotic, woman from a private, hushed evening from another time. The perfect story for Halloween.


Schiaparelli: the half-blue face


A more artistic, less sombre style characterises this make-up. Taken from the Schiaparelli haute couture autumn-winter 2023-2024 collection and imagined by iconic make-up artist Pat McGrath, the make-up features an intense Klein blue colour that covers half the face. The colour, created by artist Yves Klein in 1960, has since inspired every creative industry.


© Schiaparelli


And if blue isn’t your colour of choice, it’s easy to recreate this make-up look in pink, orange, violet or even black for a darker side. A touch of mascara and a light complexion are all you need to finish off this makeup look, which requires a palette of highly pigmented shadows and a good setting spray.



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