Gastronomic meal on the edge of space by Rasmus Munk

Half a million dollars to enjoy gourmet dishes 30 kilometres above the surface of the sea. That’s what Michelin-starred chef Rasmus Munk is offering in collaboration with SpaceVIP. Aboard the Neptune spacecraft, six explorers will have the chance to take part in an exceptional meal in space from next year.


The project could not be more ambitious. You will have to travel 30 kilometres above the Earth, aboard the SpaceBalloon of the space tourism company SpaceVIP, to savour gourmet dishes with a 360° view of the blue planet. The meal is orchestrated by two-star chef Rasmus Munk, who officiates at his concept restaurant ‘Alchemist’ in Copenhagen. The price tag for this extraordinary experience? 495,000 dollars…


A culinary experience in the infinite cosmos


Eat with your head in the stars. That’s what the space tourism agency SpaceVIP is proposing. In 2025, the meal will take place on board the SpaceBalloon belonging to its partner The Space Perspective. Named Neptune, the eco-responsible capsule that will welcome guests will be propelled by renewable hydrogen via a huge balloon, without a rocket, allowing it to float in the atmosphere. The spaceship has been certified carbon neutral by the company.


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It will nestle in the stratosphere, 30 km above the surface of the sea, three times higher than a commercial aircraft. That’s enough altitude to admire part of the globe and marvel at the grandeur of the universe. Technically, space is 100 kilometres above the Earth.


A total of six people will have the opportunity to make this journey. Budding explorers will still have to pay 495,000 dollars, or just over 455,000 euros, for this six-hour experience. But there’s no doubt that wealthy cooking aficionados will be willing to pay such a price. Especially as the mission aims to promote values of inclusivity and diversity, and the profits from the initiative will be donated to the Space Prize Foundation.


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Rasmus Munk, a Michelin-starred chef with an overflowing imagination, will be in charge of the kitchens


Rasmus Munk has been chosen to organise this exceptional meal. The chef is world-renowned for his two-star, one Michelin Green Star restaurant ‘Alchemist’ in Copenhagen. The experience is nothing short of impressive, with around fifty dishes to be sampled along with a drinks pairing. A parallel journey through a scenography allows total immersion in the creativity of the chef, who was seen during a competition on Top Chef season 13.


Although the menu has yet to be unveiled, Rasmus Munk is sure to impress his guests, while taking into account the constraints that come with cooking in space.



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A sensory dinner where each dish is accompanied by a special scenography at “Ultraviolet”, by chef Paul Pairet in Shanghai, a meal in the air signed “Dinner in the Sky” in several cities around the world, a table five metres under the sea in the Maldives called “Under”, a menu to be savoured in an igloo at “Arctic Snowcastle”… For several years now, conceptual restaurants have been invading the global culinary landscape. Increasingly, food lovers are looking for an original experience, far from the beaten track. With the launch of a meal in space, the unusual gastronomic possibilities seem endless.



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