The most beautiful King’s cake to share for the Epiphany

If historically, the King’s cake was made of bread and contained a real bean as a bean, the tradition has been perpetuated every January 6th, for the greatest pleasure of our taste buds. Let’s review the most beautiful creations of the great Parisian pastry chefs.


Chocolate Galette at the Peninsula Paris


Anne Coruble and Chef David Bizet have created an all-chocolate galette des rois for the Peninsula Paris, sure to delight adults and children alike with its stunning design. This sweet creation consists of a cocoa-flavored puff pastry, a rich chocolate almond cream made with the finest dark chocolate from Indonesia and a chocolate ganache infused with smoked salt (59€ for 6 to 8 people).


Chocolate Galette © Peninsula Paris


All-almond galette at the Plaza Athénée


The “Tout Amande” galette from the Plaza Athénée‘s pastry chef duo, Angelo Musa and Elisabeth Hot, is composed of a frangipane with an intense almond flavor, highlighted by almond slivers and brought to life by the floral and vanilla aromas of an amber rum. It is completed by the crispness and fondant of an inverted puff pastry impregnated with smoked vanilla, which dresses its golden crust with brown sugar and scattered fresh almonds (56€ for 4 to 5 people).


“Tout Amande” galette Plaza Athénée © Laurent Fau

An exceptional bean at the Shangri-La


For Epiphany, Maxence Barbot, the Pastry Chef at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris, has created a vanilla cake. The Parisian Palace has teamed up with the Swiss watch and jewelry company Bucherer for exceptional surprises reserved for the luckiest guests. Indeed, the first 99 galettes contain a silver key-shaped bean designed by Bucherer, allowing to discover a wonderful gift (an invitation to participate in a gemology or watchmaking workshop or a custom-made leather watch strap). The last golden key (the 100th) will allow its owner to win an exceptional piece: a gold necklace from the B-Dimension collection by Bucherer Fine Jewellery and a night with breakfast at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris. The galette consists of a buckwheat seed frangipane with amber rum, wrapped in puff pastry and flaky brioche topped with buckwheat caramel and fleur de sel (72€ for 6 people).


Galette Shangri-La x Bucherer © Laurent Fau


Tropezian tart style galette at Lenôtre


Lenôtre takes us on a trip to Provence. In the spirit of a Tropézienne tart, the galette is composed of a brioche delicately soaked in a tangerine syrup, topped with a lime zest pastry cream, as well as a hazelnut pine nut praline, a tangerine cream and a smooth calisson-like pastry (61€ for 8 people). Other galettes are available, such as the almond and caramelized hazelnut galette or the brioche bordelaise style with candied fruits.


Tropezian tart style galette © Lenôtre


Spices at the Four Seasons Hotel George V


Michaël Bartocetti, the pastry chef of the Four Seasons Hotel George V reinvents himself once again around circular curves with elegant movements. He has created a flaky Viennese bread galette des rois with a soft and melting texture. It is topped with a cassia cinnamon frangipane, with tangy and piquant notes and a powerful, peppery aroma reminiscent of gingerbread (65€ for 6 to 8 people).


© Four Seasons Hotel George V


Cédric Grolet’s Diamond Galette


Cédric Grolet and his pastry chef François Deshayes have opted for a flaky brioche that comes with a diamond-shaped pastry with brown sugar and a frangipane, hazelnut and gianduja cream (45€ for 4 to 6 people).


© Cédric Grolet





Featured photo : © Getty Images

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