How much would it take to live like Emily in Paris?

A study calculated how much Emily, from the hit show “Emily in Paris” would spend per year… and spoiler alert, it’s a lot!


Those who have already seen the series, famous worldwide for the adventures of an American woman, Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, in a very romantic Paris, have surely already made the reflection. Emily has a rather comfortable lifestyle. This is what a “study” conducted by a casino site and relayed by the Daily Mail highlights.


© Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix


In season 3, released at the end of December on Netflix, we witness the return of glamorous events, designer outfits and starred restaurants. But how much does this lifestyle cost this American in Paris?


© Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix – 2021


The study is based on fictitious figures which would suggest that Emily earns an annual salary of 44,230 euros with rent of 31,190 euros and charges of 2,610 euros. However, her shopping budget would amount to 72 300 euros, her cab fares to 2775 euros. In terms of gastronomy, she would enjoy herself with a budget of 3050 euros in restaurants, 1219 euros in bars and 215 euros in cafes. In short, Emily would clearly live well beyond her means…


© Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix – 2022


However, we can agree on the fact that Emily does not pay 2,500 euros of rent per month for her apartment under the roof and we can imagine that some of her outfits are loans or rentals. Nevertheless, her lifestyle seems high when you know the Parisian prices…



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Featured photo : © Stephane Branchu/ Netflix/ Photoshot

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