How to add a touch of luxury to your life?

Adding a touch of luxury to your life doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming… Here are 6 ideas to inject into your daily life to feel fulfilled, without necessarily putting your hand in the wallet.


How do you maintain a sense of sophistication and confidence despite the mundanity of some days? The subtle luxuries are the things that fill you with gratitude because they make you feel lucky. They are the little things that make you feel in tune with yourself.


If you need a big breath of calm and luxury, choose a place where you feel good.


Even if you live in a busy city, find green spaces and take time to really breathe the air. If this is not possible, you can always invest in an air purifier for your living space. If you are sensitive to certain natural fragrances or essential oils, use them at regular intervals to get the most out of them. Ditch the chemical and artificial air fresheners and room fragrances that only pollute your space.


Away from home, choose a place where you can rest and, above all, recharge your batteries.


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That’s where the spas come in.  With outdoor areas to stroll around, it’s even better. To keep your budget in check, consider going out of season. These places can stimulate your mind and creativity. Best of all, they offer an authentic holiday that will allow you to return home with a sense of renewal.


In everyday life, subtle luxury can be found in the wardrobe. But not just any wardrobe. We’re talking about the one you wear at home. And that you put on when you get home to feel comfortable in your cosy nest. Whether it’s a linen dressing gown or silk pyjamas.


When it comes to food, the key to a luxurious meal is to savour every bite. It’s not so much about what you eat as how slowly and how much you want to eat it. It’s all about noticing the flavours and textures, not getting distracted in the moment.


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Let’s move on to hearing. Listening to classical music, jazz or artists considered to be the best in their genre can enrich your week. Choose an artist or a song that has stood the test of time and listen to it with full awareness.



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Your time and energy are your most precious assets on this earth. So it’s important to know who you surround yourself with. Make sure you spend more time with the people who make you feel good. This will also help you to be your best self, to increase your compassion, openness and curiosity. When you help others to be better, you are likely to have a connection with them that will leave you feeling good.





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