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Jean Imbert takes charge of the kitchens at the legendary hotel The Brando

Jean Imbert takes charge of the kitchens at the legendary hotel The Brando

11 years after his victory in Top Chef, there seems to be no stopping Jean Imbert. The celebrity chef and friend of the media is taking charge of the culinary areas of a brand new setting: The Brando hotel in French Polynesia.


After conquering the kitchens of the Plaza Athénée, Monsieur Dior, Cheval Blanc St Barth, Martinez in Cannes and Simplon-Venice-Orient-Express, Jean Imbert has now set down his knives 17,000 km from France. Discover The Brando’s restaurants.


The splendid hotel The Brando


©The Brando


The location is heavenly. The chef has settled on the private atoll of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, 50 km north of the island of Tahiti. This is the home of the renowned Hotel The Brando, adored by the stars, the financial elite and powerful personalities, and chosen by the public in search of a dream trip.


It was Marlon Brando who fell in love with the atoll during the filming of Mutiny on the Bounty, as well as his acting partner Tarita, who was to become his life partner. The American actor settled on the atoll alone in 1966, with the Polynesian government, for a 99-year lease and 200,000 dollars. For two decades, the island stood as a refuge for Marlon Brando. He began to dream of creating a nature hotel there.


©The Brando


But this idyllic establishment was not unveiled until just over ten years ago, almost a decade after the star’s death. The establishment comprises 35 villas and a residence, all facing the blue of the Pacific Ocean and enveloped by lush vegetation, private pools, a spa, boutiques and three culinary areas.


Jean Imbert, chef of the residence’s three restaurants


Jean Imbert is now a regular visitor to the Tetiaroa atoll. Last February, the French chef took charge of the hotel’s three restaurants: Bob’s Bar, the Beachcomber Café and the gourmet La Table Les Mutinés.


For over a year, Jean Imbert worked on the dishes, inspired by the true story of the Mutineers. In fact, the menu of this top-of-the-range restaurant follows the route of the ship taken by the sailors who mutinied in the 18th century. Each stage of the crossing is associated with a dish.


©The Brando


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The chef has drawn on the resources and beauty of the island and its surroundings to create his dishes. The atoll of Tetiaroa has its own vegetable garden with fruit, vegetables, flowers and spices, and there are no fewer than 70 beehives on another island just a few kilometres from The Brando.


Cilantro-coconut ceviche, fresh fish, lobster, ravioli, soufflés… So many fresh, tasty and refined dishes that smell of sunshine. For the first time, Jean Imbert is even offering his local fruit carpaccio served with lobster, a reference to the man who marked his appearance and victory in Top Chef 11 years ago.


A hotel to discover without delay for a memorable stay.




Featured photo: Jean Imbert ©The Brando