Luxus Plus Mag is launching an Instagram contest in partnership with the Cinq Mondes Spa at La Samaritaine for your well-being!

The contest is now over! Thank you all for your participation!

The beautiful days are coming and with them a sudden desire to take care of oneself and to prepare oneself physically and mentally to welcome the summer. It seemed like the perfect time to offer you an exceptional “wellness” experience!


As a result of a brand new partnership, Luxus Plus Mag and Spas Cinq Mondes are offering you an instagram competition to try and win one of three prizes of two 50-minute treatments worth €248!


The winners will be welcomed at the latest Cinq Mondes Spa: La Samaritaine spa!



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An instagram contest for an exceptional skincare treatment


As for the setting… For exceptional rituals, an exceptional place! Because beyond a cosy lounge where you can enjoy a tea behind a heavy wooden door, a universe with a unique personality opens up. Under a subdued light, an art of living unfolds, combining Parisian refinement with the richness of the world’s beauty traditions.


The treatments offered to the winners are based on the Great Okinawa Ritual (a method of Japanese origin). A holistic ritual that acts at the cellular level of the skin, this treatment is designed to revitalize the body and ensure the youthfulness of the face. Its recipe is magical… It incorporates an extract of Beto, the Flower of Paradise, with its regenerating properties. It is composed of a Ko Bi Do Facial Massage Treatment, literally “the art of traditional beauty”. A rejuvenating bath and natural face-lift, it incorporates Dermapuncture® techniques and 50 gestures to awaken the circulation of energy in the meridians and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. On the other hand, an Amma Back Massage treatment. It stimulates the key energy zones of the back to revitalize the entire body. And you immediately feel lighter!


Their total duration, 50 mn -at the indicative price of 124€-, allows a real disconnection: a parenthesis of peace and softness.


To participate to the contest, you have to:


The draw is scheduled for Monday June 06, the results will be available on instagram!


Winners will be notified within the next week and coupons will be mailed to them. These lots for 2 care coupons will be usable from June 6 to September 30, 2022.


To participate, follow the link: Luxus Plus and Cinq Mondes Instagram Contest


We wish you all good luck 🍀


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