Messika takes us to Ancient Egypt for its High-Jewelry collection

Dive into the heart of ancient Egypt with “Beyond The Light”, the new High-Jewelry collection from French jeweler Messika.


Collection that the jeweler promises as an eternal radiance, this new collection offers a marriage between gold and diamond in their most beautiful cases. “A magical odyssey where passion, boldness and excellence compose, with virtuosity, a bewitching and majestic collection” underlines Messika.


This jewelry line was imagined by Valérie Messika, founder, CEO and artistic director of the eponymous house. True to the Parisian savoir-faire and the identity of the house, she has combined ancient Egyptian travel with the purity of the lines and finesse of diamonds to create sumptuous and unique sets, rings and earrings.


Divided into four distinct worlds, each Beyond The Light sub-collection has a masterpiece that shines through the precious gems that are affixed to it: an exceptional set.


Akh-Ba-Ka, the flagship chapter of this High-Jewelry collection


In ancient Egypt, the KA symbolizes vital energy, the BA the flight to the beyond and the AKH, the transfiguration of a person to the light. Thus Akh-Ba-Ka reveals itself as a new breath and a renewal, which tells the story of an ancient transcendence and which naturally echoes the history of the Messika house, symbol of a transmission between generations of a unique know-how.


© Messika


With wings as its emblem, Akh-Ba-Ka presents a rich range of jewels sublimated by remarkable diamonds. The centerpiece of the collection, the Akh-Ba-Ka set, impresses with its ancient Egyptian-inspired design and features a 33-carat diamond at its center surrounded by 15 gems, white gold and a bouquet of many smaller diamonds.


Beyond the Light – Haute Joaillerie Messika
Akh-Ba-Ka set. © Messika


Indeed, the necklace alone has 2,550 diamonds, reinterprets the mythical Egyptian winged scarab, and required more than 1,000 hours of work, where 4 to 5 full-time jewelers took turns for 6 months.



Golden Shield, Divine Enigma and Move Iconica, the other three sub-collections of the line, all three once again feature diamonds, albeit married to brilliant yellow gold.


Pieces from the Golden Shield sub-collection. © Messika


Again in homage to ancient Egypt, Messika wanted to play with geometric and architectural lines while emphasizing the suppleness and flexibility of exceptional High-Jewelry pieces.


The Divine Enigma‘s flagship piece, its transformable set, combines the extreme brilliance of diamonds with the incandescence of yellow gold to give the choice of being worn with or without a stone.


Divine Enigma set. © Messika


The Beyond The Light collection was created to be worn on a daily basis as well as in the evening and to perfectly match every movement. The pieces are freed from traditional codes to sublimate the woman and become one with her.





Featured photo : © Messika

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