NFT, metaverse, social media: the Cannes Film Festival 2022 gets a makeover

Si le festival de Cannes vous fait penser aux paillettes, au glamour et au tapis rouge, cette année, il s’agira aussi de monde virtuel et de NFT, de tik-tok et de stars sur les réseaux sociaux. Tour d’horizon des nouveautés cette année.


The 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is underway, but this year it’s time for youth and new technologies to accompany the traditional ascent of the steps of this unmissable film event.


This year, after its historical partnership with Canal+, the festival will be shared between the public service with France Televisions, Tik-Tok and Brut, the video media founded five years ago, focused on short formats and claiming 500 million viewers in more than 100 countries, mostly among 18-34 years old.



But the other surprising news is the arrival of the famous festival in the world of video games. We are talking about the famous video game Fortnite, developed by the American company Epic Games, which had already hosted virtual concerts of artists such as Ariana Grande or even Travis Scott. With more than 350 million players worldwide in 2020 according to the statistics portal Statista, the game will be able to bring what the festival is looking for, which is a young audience.


The French studio Vysena, which has been developing experiences on Fortnite Creative since April 2021, has been commissioned to recreate the Palais des Festivals and its surroundings within the game’s metaverse. Palm trees, white tents and red carpets, everything seems to be in place to share, with players around the world, the cinematic event of the year “We really wanted to immerse players in the Croisette, to make them feel like they were by the sea,” explains Scott Pennacchietti, team leader and co-founder of the studio Vysena. “Brut especially wanted to showcase the different professionals you might encounter during this kind of event. So we looked for the game mode that would appeal to the player the most. After several phases of creation, we decided on the role-playing game, where players are free to do what they want,” he continues.



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From May 17 to 28, players can experience the Cannes Film Festival directly from their screens, with the possibility of playing as characters and completing quests related to the themes of cinema, ecology or diversity. Taking turns as journalists, actors or directors, players will be able to interview personalities, conduct castings, or find pages of scripts scattered throughout the city.


Speaking of technology, the Cannes Festival doesn’t stop there. Indeed, Brut has teamed up with Emilie Yang, under the pseudonym “Pplpleasr” to create a collection of 75 NFT. These are actually tickets for the Cannes Film Festival. Divided into three categories, they offer access to different events that punctuate the life of the festival: the bronze NFT ($ 14,000) allows access to a red carpet and a session of your choice, the silver NFT ($ 16,000) to go to a screening of the films “Top Gun: Maverick“, “Elvis” or “Three Thousand Years Waiting for You“. Finally, the gold NFTs ($19,600) offer the opportunity to attend the opening or closing ceremony and the corresponding red carpet. Proceeds from the sale will go to the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, an organization that promotes the inclusion of women in the film industry.


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In parallel to the usual competition, the NFT Film Festival will take place at the Casino 3.14 of the city, on May 20, with the idea of raising awareness of audiovisual professionals to the challenges of cinema 3.0 with a set of conferences on cinema in the metaverse or the future of intellectual property productions.






Featured photo : © Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images

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