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Special offer for the latest Luxus MAG: free shipping until 25/02

Special offer for the latest Luxus MAG: free shipping until 25/02

To celebrate the launch of our latest issue, the editorial team is offering free shipping for any pre-orders made before February 25th.


The Fall Winter 2023 edition of the magazine is finally available for 16.70 euros, featuring 138 pages in a bilingual French-English version.


This 8th issue features Timothée Chalamet as the cover star, a true representative of a new era. It revisits the rise of the Gen Z actor who is making waves in major Hollywood productions.


You’ll also discover exclusive dossiers, a focus on the Murdoch family, the BRICS and current news decoded, interviews, and inspirations.


Wine Tourism in France


For this edition, the first dossier brings wine tourism up to date. It provides insight into France’s role in this new trend of thematic travel, through the vineyards.


Explore the 300-year-old domain of Ruinart in Champagne where art meets gastronomy, the Château de Sancerre in Cher, and many others. Then, discover the master wine merchant entrepreneur, Marina Giuberti, in an exclusive interview and, finally, a selection of wines and spirits.


Decoding the Contemporary Art Market


The second dossier analyzes the ins and outs of the contemporary art market. Its performance skyrocketed in 2022-23 with 123,000 lots sold at auction, a historic record of transactions.


Discover the fascinating behind-the-scenes of the contemporary art market, where artworks sell for exorbitant prices and gallery owners have become true stars. A focus allows you to discover the indispensable gallery owner Larry Gagosian, explore the Miami Design District, a global meeting place for contemporary art enthusiasts. Garrett Landolt, a specialist at Christie’s, shares his market analyses with the readers of Luxus Magazine.


And much more…


Numerous sections are added to the aforementioned dossiers, including an interview with Jean-André Charial at the helm of Baumanière, a haven of gastronomy, an analysis of the Macau-Hong Kong-Guangdong Bay, shopping recommendations, inspirations for fashion, literature, cinema, cultural events, and even gift ideas.



Start 2024 with complete serenity thanks to this new issue that offers you a real breath of fresh air.


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get our latest issue in advance.

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