Our selection of galettes des rois for the new year

After foie gras, champagne and Christmas logs, it’s time for the galette des rois. Already on display in some bakeries and in full preparation for January 6, the date of the Epiphany, the galette des rois is a post-holiday tradition that delights young and old alike. Discover without further delay our selection of galettes as beautiful as they are appetizing.


Peninsula Paris


The pastry chefs at the luxury hotel Peninsula Paris have created not a galette, but a crown of kings. It’s brioche and made of a Viennese sourdough bread with Tahitian vanilla, with a heart containing a vanilla almond cream and a roasted vanilla raw almond praline. If you’re in the mood for it, don’t wait any longer, because you have to pre-order it.





Known for its macaroons, Ladurée unveils its galette des rois for the new year. Far from the traditional codes of the galette, this delicacy created by Chef Julien Alvarez is inspired by a Basque cake. It is a puff pastry with almond cream, pistachio and a touch of orange blossom. Its heart is a half-baked with pistachio, almond cream and frangipane with a creamy praline. The whole is surrounded by flaky brioche, sprinkled with pistachio chips. So aesthetic that one may hesitate to eat it…



Prince of Wales


The Marriott group’s galette is inspired by space and constellations. Designed with a caramelized puff pastry, it is covered with a royal icing with a heart of almond and pastry cream, scented with orange blossom. It will put stars in your eyes (…and in your stomach).



Shangri-La Paris x Persée Paris


As flowery as it is elegant, this cake imagined by Maxence Barbot does not even need to be cut. One petal is equivalent to one slice. Practical for the distribution. Its caramelized puff pastry petals include a rum-infused almond and tonka bean frangipane and are covered with pink praline, for even more realism. The beans, made of pink quartz, are created by the French jeweler Persée Paris. The advantage? Numbered from 1 to 100, they will allow you to win a gold bracelet or a diamond ring. A double gift after Christmas.





The Parisian Couture House unveils its very first galette des rois, signed by chef Jean Imbert, winner of Top Chef in 2013, and pastry chef Romuald Bizart, officiating at the new Dior restaurant-patisserie at the mythical address at 30-32 avenue Montaigne, recently reopened. In homage to the emblematic creator, whose lucky charm was a star, the frangipane is covered with a chocolate design in the shape of a compass rose, an iconic symbol of the House. At the heart of the frangipane is a ceramic bean also decorated with the compass rose. Come and taste it in the store’s café at 30 avenue Montaigne or take it away to eat with your family.




Cheval Blanc Paris


Called the Douillette, this apple galette is inspired by the spirit of a douillon, a Norman specialty, and is the signature dessert of Maxime Frédéric, of the Michelin-starred Cheval Blanc Paris restaurant. It is composed of a caramelized puff pastry, a thin layer of frangipane, Norman apples that melt in the mouth and blond grapes. It is available by reservation only, until January 8.



The House of Chocolate


Nicolas Cloiseau, the best chocolate maker in France, unveils his latest citrus and hazelnut chocolate creation. This sunny galette with pure butter puff pastry is coated with hazelnut cream, with a zest of candied yellow lemon and a dark chocolate ganache. It is nicely surrounded by a chocolate crown and decorated with dried fruits and roasted hazelnuts.



Pierre Hermé


The famous Maison Pierre Hermé offers a galette with a generous, golden and crispy puff pastry, sprinkled with pieces of caramel. In the galettes offered, 11 models of beans are golden or silver ceramic palets. The silver version gives the right to a silver coin signed by La Monnaie de Paris. The golden version with a fleur de sel pattern allows to win a gold coin.



Jeffrey Cagnes


Pastry chef Jeffrey Cagnes offers this year’s buttery, rum-spiked frangipane with a classic crispy puff pastry. The whole thing is dusted with a brick-shaped snow sugar glaze. It is available until January 29.



Bakba Zana x Van Den Abeele


This is not a galette des rois, but a babka des rois. Inspired by the Polish cake, this spiral pastry of twisted brioche dough is sprinkled with bergamot zest, hazelnut frangipane and bergamot custard, roasted hazelnuts on a buttery and fluffy brioche base. Among the beans placed inside, the luckiest ones will be able to discover one of them in 18-carat gold with diamonds and precious stones, signed by the Van Den Abeele jeweler.






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