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Palace Gucci: what you need to know about the collection

Palace Gucci: what you need to know about the collection

The Italian fashion house Gucci and the British streetwear brand Palace Skateboards have joined forces to reinterpret the codes of luxury ready-to-wear. The Palace Gucci collection can be found from October 21st, in virtual and real life.


For a few days, streetwear fans and Gucci customers have been waiting for this announcement. The two houses, with diametrically opposed universes, confirm this collaboration and bring a new touch to the fashion world.


This is not Gucci’s first collaboration. After alliances with Balenciaga or Adidas, always present in stores, it is with the brand Palace Skateboards that the label is associated.



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Founded in 2009 by Lev Tanju and Gareth Skewis, the British brand combines comfort, basics and timelessness. A perfect and experimental “canvas” for Alessandro Michele, artistic director of Gucci, who transforms everything he touches into trendy works of art that everyone wants to buy.


A stylish and inventive collaboration


This collision between the two worlds is flashy and promising: biker jackets, leather, bright colors and monograms, it will have something to delight customers.


Alessandro Michele usually draws from what surrounds him. For this collection, the clothes are inspired by the street, a place that fascinates him and has a founding value for the British duo. The street, skateboarding, luxury and patterns reflect this new identity, evocative and modern: from skateparks to motorcycles and catwalks, Palace Gucci becomes the symbol of a fashion without diktats, liberated.


Among the accessories and men’s clothing, which became unisex, the first women’s ready-to-wear models appeared at Palace. It only took one collaboration to expand the brand’s horizons.


To underline the uniqueness of this collection, the logos of the two worlds – the double G of Gucci and the Tri-ferg of Palace – merge.


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Among the pieces that will soon become iconic and exclusive are Gucci’s famous moccasin with a bit, reinvented with the presence of the P logo, which is also inserted into the Italian label’s monogrammed fabric. Other collectibles include a sheepskin jacket and a yellow and black motorcycle outfit. A nod to Palace’s obsession with two-wheeled culture and a partnership with MOTO GUZZI, which results in a limited edition of 50 copies of the V7 motorcycle.


An intriguing advertising campaign


The campaign, directed by Max Siedentopf, represents the creativity of both worlds. The ad, which lasts just over two minutes, reveals a new world, where house music, generations, aliens and humans, reality and imagination are mixed. It questions and makes you want to dive into this fashionable and fun macrocosm.



We will have to wait a few more days for the collection to go online. It will be hosted by the Gucci Vault, the concept store imagined in September 2021 by Alessandro Michele. An environment where past, present and future are one. And for the first time since its creation, the Gucci Vault will move from the virtual to the real world with numerous pop-up stores around the world: Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Osaka and Bangkok, in addition to a presence in the Palace boutiques in London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.




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