The best fashion advertising campaigns of the summer

Oh summer! The sun, the beach, the sand, dinners by the water and… advertising campaigns. They are everywhere, all the time, invading concrete walls, bus stops, Morris columns and the virtual canvas. The biggest fashion houses have always been full of inventiveness to reveal their new campaigns to the world and potential buyers. Focus on the best fashion campaigns of the summer, according to Luxus Plus.


A habit, a distraction or a reminder of consumption? Advertising campaigns, we love them as much as we hate them.


Fashion houses are more creative than each other, and wish to show through frozen photos, the must have of next season. Discover without delay five Houses that have delivered advertising campaigns, oscillating between fashion and art.


Chanel: lazing on the beach


Chanel unveiled its new summer campaign, named Chanel Coco Beach 2023. As an ode to relaxation, we would like to jump on a plane to the beach after seeing the photos. It features model Vivienne Rohner in a series of images taken by photographer Theo Wenner.


The House chose the famous Hamptons region, not far from New York, for the shooting of this collection, which sports timeless color shades such as white, pink and black. It includes a range of swimwear, lightweight dresses, sandals and accessories such as hats, bags, and even a beach towel.



The iconic Maison Chanel print can be found on some pieces, while a return to the 90s emanates from swimwear and jewelry.




Stella McCartney: stilettos and straw boots


Stella McCartney’s spring/summer campaign is inspired by a militant slogan by Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara: “Change the History“. Here, it is not the clothes or even the model that are the priority, but the environment and animals.


Remember, the eponymous designer Stella McCartney is a great fan of the animal cause, and has even made ecology and their protection its raison d’être. All its collections no longer contain animal skins, it has allied with many associations and has even developed an innovative material to replace leather, based on mushrooms.


Getting back to our sheep, this campaign took place at The Gentle Barn Animal Sanctuary in Santa Clarita, California.


It does not include leather, fur and exotic skins, ready-to-wear being from 91% eco-friendly materials. It also includes the world’s first premium garment made from regenerative cotton from Stella McCartney’s SOKTAS project in Turkey.


The campaign features the face of American actress Madelyn Cline, who is also an animal advocate.



In addition, this initiative is also supported by activities in the brand’s stores around the world.




Marni: a (color) 180-degree turn


The Italian fashion house Marni has collaborated with the sportswear brand No vacancy Inn, for a spring/ summer capsule collection, as colorful as trendy.


This collection comes to life in the acid and psychedelic campaign of Ghanaian artist Derrick Ofosu Boateng, photographed on the beaches of Accra, the capital of Ghana.


The dazzling collection, designed by the Italian label and the American platform, includes ready-to-wear, accessories, and shoes for men and women. Kaleidoscopic prints, palm trees, stars or even clouds are highlighted by vibrant colors on bikini tops, hoodies and cardigans. There is also mesh, with crochet skirts and shorts, available alongside accessories like many bags.



The collection is available worldwide, in stores and on the internet. Three clicks or a purchase in store, and you will immediately put a little more color in your lives, and on your holiday photos!



Casablanca: future is coming.. as soon as possible


For this new spring-summer 2023 collection, the creative director of the Casablanca brand, Charaf Tajer, offers a futuristic and colorful campaign entirely based on AI. He teamed up with British photographer and artist Luke Nugent to highlight this collection.


The brand has jumped into the big bath of fashion, but in virtual, with this retro-futuristic campaign of the Future Optimisto collection.


Luke Nugent is an expert in creating AI-generated images. He was instrumental in making this virtual campaign happen, while working closely with Charaf Tajer and his entire team.


The collection is based on the past and the future. The virtual models, and very disturbing as they seem true, wear western-inspired clothes. They are surrounded by buildings of more than contemporary architecture, reminiscent of South America.



A journey through images, without the need to travel, as much as the brand and its team for this advertising campaign.






Gucci: in clear waters


Last May, the Italian double G brand unveiled the Gucci Summer Stories campaign. Since the departure of former creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci House has been constantly renewing itself. This new summer collection highlights the brand’s most iconic pieces such as the 1961 Jackie bags and the 1955 Horsebit. The capsule also offers ready-to-wear for men and women, swimwear, accessories and shoes.



Who says summer also said beach accessories. There is also a Jumbo GG leather duffel and tote bags from the Gucci Valigeria selection.



Featured photo : © Marni

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