UNBOXING BRIEF The French Way: “I bring the experience to my subscribers”

This article was first published in the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Luxus Magazine

The French Way, real name Sabrina, is a beauty, lifestyle, fashion and wellness influencer with almost 200,000 followers on social networks. Always smiling, with a zest for life at any time of day, she shares her daily life, her tips and tricks, and immerses us in her life as a content creator. Her most popular videos on Youtube? Unboxing.


Her trump card? Precision and detail. It’s with honesty and passion that she confides in Luxus Plus. Interview.


On your YouTube channel, the “unboxing” playlist is the one with the most videos. How do you explain this?


First and foremost, because Iʼm extraordinarily lucky to receive so many PR mailings from brands on an almost daily basis! Secondly, because Iʼm well aware of how lucky I am, Iʼve made it my mission to share this with my audience. From the packaging to the little note sent to me by the teams, not forgetting the product itself, I leave no stone unturned, and try to make my subscribers live the experience.


Unboxing is a huge craze on Youtube, why do you think this is? What benefits do you derive from it?


For the reasons mentioned above. Itʼs not unusual for us content creators to receive new products before theyʼre even available on the market. Some of these products are eagerly awaited by the general public, who are therefore keen to preview them on our various platforms.


Are you sensitive to packaging when you unpack a product?


Absolutely. For me, the container is just as important as the content. This means both the package in which I receive the product and the packaging of the product itself. It’s been said that youtubers are the new marketing players connecting with consumers.


It’s been said that youtubers are the new marketing players connecting with consumers.


Itʼs very true, because we are one of those consumers. I know how demanding, curious and eager my audience is, because we share the same interests!


What makes a good unboxing in your opinion? Have you ever come across bad products, and if so, what do you do?


In my opinion, a good unboxing should be very descriptive, and therefore very… long. And mine are! I leave no stone unturned. Itʼs impossible for me to know, at the unboxing stage, whether a product is good or bad, when Iʼm simply unpacking it. The test, the experience of the product, only takes place afterwards.


From delivery to testing the product, from opening the box to making one of your unboxing videos, can you tell us about the process? What are your selection criteria before unpacking a package on video in front of your community?


As mentioned above, unboxing does not include product testing… As far as my selection criteria are concerned, I generally follow my own desires, which mainly reflect my own expectations of the arrival of the product in question. Itʼs not uncommon for me to get impatient with the imminent arrival of a new product from a brand I particularly like.


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