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After Donatella Versace and Dua Lipa and their fashion collaboration, it was the turn of Caroline Scheufele, the director of Chopard, to present her very first couture collection at the Cannes Film Festival. The stars were already numerous to show up on the red carpet in exceptional evening wear enhanced by sparkling jewels from the House of Chopard. From now on, it will also be possible to admire the jeweler’s fashion creations at major events around the world.


The Cannes Film Festival is the perfect opportunity to present new projects. Films, jewelry and fashion collections have been part of the festival for decades, and Caroline Scheufele is no exception to the rule. The artistic director and co-president of the Parisian fashion house Chopard chose to present her very first couture collection, called Caroline’s Couture, at this event so eagerly awaited by film lovers.


And it must be said that she is a regular on the red carpets, especially on the Croisette. Indeed, she has maintained a strong and unique link with the Cannes Festival for decades, and for good reason. In 1998, at the request of Pierre Viot, then director, she reinvented the Palme d’Or. Since then, the jewelry house has been the only one authorized to make this prestigious distinction.


A great first


This year, the House is writing or rather weaving a new chapter in its history by presenting a fashion collection for the very first time.



Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Chopard Official (@chopard)


The news was kept under wraps until the Chopard party, hosted the day before yesterday by the creative director. Guests thought they were attending this recurring festive event, placed this foid under the theme of art in the heart of the sumptuous Martinez hotel, but finally the surprise was there.


50 silhouettes arrived on the catwalk to present the collection, imagined in total harmony with the high jewelry. And who better than the world’s most fashionable models to embody the Chopard woman? Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Bruna and Martha Hunt were all brought together. And what would a Chopard fashion show be without the brand’s emblematic jewelry? Each model wore a set from the Red Carpet Collection.


Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Chopard Official (@chopard)

In an interview with Vogue, the head of Chopard talked about her ideas, her inspirations and her vision of fashion and the brand.


This fashion project began with a personal story, and more specifically around an outfit that the designer wore at an event in Venice. Designed especially for her, this custom-made suit caught her attention. She realized that she could wear it, wear it back, accessorize it (or not): “The idea was born: to invent a wardrobe that allows jewelry and clothing to be considered in a complementary way to sublimate the silhouette“.


When designing the collection, the guiding idea was durability. Why wear an outfit only once when you can find the perfect piece and wear it again and again over the years, without it ever going out of style? The connection between jewelry and clothing is obvious. Every piece in the collection can be worn and cherished, just like a piece of jewelry. And according to Caroline Scheufele, the two form a perfect synergy: “Clothing and jewelry enhance and illuminate each other, in perfect harmony“.


When fashion and jewelry become one


For this collection, the co-president of Chopard wanted to highlight craftsmanship, art and know-how. She therefore called on a workshop in India, where women who cultivate the art of embroidery were able to contribute to this new fashion project. The fifty or so models in the collection were also developed in Como and St. Gallen.


Among the different pieces, we discover magnificent evening dresses, dotted with sequins, recalling the identity of the House of Chopard. As well as colored satin dresses. We also note that the feather is very present throughout the collection, surely a small nod to the necklace of the label, which includes beautiful feathers in diamonds and sapphires.





One piece also caught the eye of the editors: a beautiful emerald green suit, which shines like the gem. Perfectly fitted and expertly cut, it was accompanied on the catwalk by a Chopard brooch in the same tones.



This collection was designed like no other. Starting from a jewel to design a dress. This is the essence of Caroline’s Couture: “I transposed a true jewelry approach to the garment, especially in the textures. Many garments are embroidered, in the same way that jewelry is set“.


Feathers, sequins, pearls, colors and magnificence were the order of the day for this very first Chopard collection, which will surely not be the last.


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