The seven most luxurious gyms in the world

Most of the gyms on the Earth have been able to welcome their clients again following the easing of sanitary measures; this is the opportunity to make a small tour of the globe, and to make you discover a Luxus Plus selection of the most high-end gyms in the world.

Second stage of decontamination means reopening of gyms in France. This is a relief for seasoned athletes, or even Sunday sportsmen, who will see their sports complex near their home reopen. And what could be better if you can combine sport and luxury? We make you discover seven of the most beautiful gyms in the world !


Le Klay, Paris



Everything is gathered in this gym in the 2nd district of Paris: the machines are modern, a spa is available and even a restaurant, which helps you keep your figure of course! 2 000 m² of equipment in a 19th century building. A dream setting where you will have to spend 1,730 euros per year to access it.


Banyan Tree Fitness, Singapour



How can you not be distracted by this incredible view on the treadmill? An incredible spotlight on the city of Singapore from one of the flagship hotels, the Marina Bay Sands. Count 80€ for one hour of class only if you stay in the hotel, otherwise, you will only have access to the yoga class.


Eat Equinox, New York



A reputation which is not to be made any more for this New York room in the era of the time. When you enter this complex, do not scan your membership card but your eye, thanks to a retinal detector. A representation of the modernity that this hall offers, a modernity costing 23 000 € per year.


Harbour Club, Londres



A very select venue in West London, which has seen many members of the royal family enter its walls, and will charge €15,000 per year to future subscribers.


L’Usine, Paris



Second Parisian room of the selection, it is also known to receive many personalities, French or international during their visit. The personalized accompaniment offered by this room costs 1 800€ per year.


See Also

Sky Wellness, Belgrade



Serbia has a gym that could be considered a modern marvel. From the outside, the futuristic architecture and design will make many dream. From the inside, many would be tempted to train with the majestic view of the sea. 720€ per year to enjoy it.


The Houstonian Club, Houston



This gym has the honor of being ambitious, and not just a little! Boxing ring, tennis courts by eight, three swimming pools, a life-size climbing wall and of course training machines, no less than 300! But this luxury comes at a price: 22 000 € per year!





Featured photo : © Sky Wellness, Belgrade