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The virtual Van Gogh exhibition arrives in Dubai

The virtual Van Gogh exhibition arrives in Dubai

Art lovers will be able to discover Van Gogh’s masterpieces projected on the walls of a Dubai shopping mall. An immersive experience proposed by the French company Culturespaces, available on July 1st.


The exhibition features moving images that were created using painted frames on canvas, which can be found at the Saint-Paul Asylum, or in the Saint-Rémy collection.


Opening July 1, the exhibition includes three unique immersive exhibits, three imaginative worlds, where visitors can experience every moment, every color, every sound.


“Our mission is to make art accessible to all,” explains Catherine Oriol, director of Infinity of Lights at the Dubai Mall to AFP, “and to be able to share this new way of discovering art with as many people as possible. An exhibition that according to her seeks to “connect visitors directly to art”.


Infinity des Lumières brings the works of art to life with 58speakers and 130 projectors transmitting 3,000 moving images over a projectable area of 3,300 m2. The entrance to the art center features a stunning immersive digital façade, the largest in the Dubai Mall at 200 m2.



Following in the footsteps of the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, which receives more than a million visitors a year, Infinity des Lumières is perfectly situated in the Dubai Mall, which welcomes more than 80 million visitors every year.


Dubai is one of the only destinations that remained open to the public during the coronavirus pandemic. Today, this emirate of the United Arab Emirates has become a global hub for tourism and luxury services. The exhibition has nevertheless been delayed for more than a year.



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We hope that in the future we can create new exhibitions related to the region (such as) calligraphy and poetry,” says Oriol.


Culturespaces has opened a number of digital art exhibitions around the world, including in France and South Korea. Next year, a new exhibition is expected to be held in New York.



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Featured photo : © Infinity des Lumières