The White Lotus: how does the hit series influence our vacation destinations?

Are you familiar with set-jetting? This practice consists of traveling to destinations that have been used as filming locations for popular movies or television shows. And the HBO series The White Lotus is no exception! On the contrary, many young tourists flocked to the luxurious hotels after seeing the series…


HBO’s hit series The White Lotus has captivated audiences with its exotic landscapes and exciting storylines. The first season follows a group of wealthy young American tourists at a luxury hotel in Hawaii, where they have unique and often tumultuous experiences.



American Express reveals in a report that more than half of travelers among those in the GenZ and millennials have been inspired to visit prestigious locations where their favorite TV shows were filmed. In fact, 70 percent said they would plan a trip to a destination after seeing it on a TV show or movie.


“Travelers are increasingly inspired by pop culture”, Audrey Hendley, president of American Express Travel, told Bloomberg.


The White Lotus highlighted the luxury and comfort offered by high-end resorts. Young people are now looking for luxury vacations, where they can enjoy exclusive facilities and exceptional service, such as spas, gourmet restaurants, private beaches and luxurious rooms.


White Lotus Effect


White Lotus episodes feature dreamy landscapes, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that are the stuff of dreams for young people around the world. Director Mike White chose to shoot the first season in Hawaii at the Four Seasons Resort Maui while the second season of The White Lotus was shot in Sicily, Taormina.



“The popular set-jetting trend has significantly increased interest in Maui and Taormina, with both properties experiencing a significant increase in website visits and availability checks, which ultimately led to an increase in bookings”, said Marc Speichert, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.



In fact, a Travel Pulse survey revealed that movies and television series filmed in Europe have a significant impact on U.S. tourism to the region. Sicily, with its beautiful cities of Taormina, Cefalù and Noto, continues to be one of the most popular destinations for the spring and summer season.


Heading to Asia!


For the third season of the famous series, the American magazine Variety has exclusively confirmed that the next plot of the HBO series will take place in Thailand. And more precisely in one of the Four Seasons resorts that are divided between the city (Bangkok), the countryside (Chiang Mai), the jungle (Golden Triangle) and the beach (Koh Samui).



So, although the location is not yet exactly defined, we can perfectly imagine the wealthy travelers living a peaceful, island life in the hotel overlooking the Gulf of Siam. Immaculate sand, blue sea and cocktails: again, a paradisiacal life that would not fail to seduce lovers of beautiful destinations…


So, should we expect a new “White Lotus effect” for this exotic destination? Let’s wait for the last season and see!



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