These films that have most inspired luxury brands

This Wednesday, June 30, begins the week of the cinema, the opportunity to look back on the times when fashion is inspired by the seventh art.


Moschino and slashers


Slashers, a sub-genre of horror movies, were the theme of Moschino’s 2020 cruise show. Under the watchful eye of Jeremy Scott, the models paraded through the iconic residential neighborhood of Wisteria Lane (the neighborhood from the Desperate Housewives series) with a Halloween party vibe.



The opening of the fashion show was a reference to Wes Craven‘s most famous slasher film, Scream (1997). Model Suki Waterhouse, sporting a blonde bob, arrives screaming with fright, imitating Drew Barrymore‘s character in the first part of the saga. Other references to the great horror films are inserted into the parade, as the appearance of twins from the film Shining (1980) by Stanley Kubrick.


Gucci and My Own Private Idaho, by Gus Van Sant



A huge fan of Van Sant‘s films, Gucci‘s creative director Alessandro Michele fell under the spell of My Own Private Idaho thirty years ago. “This film changed my life, freed me, allowed me to understand who I was, in a delicate and unconventional way,” says the creative director of the Gucci house. He also explains that he wanted to collaborate with Gus Van Santbecause he could see through his eyes.”


The script having seduced Gus Van Sant, the shooting of “Ouverture of Something that never Ended” (“opening of something that never Ended”), on the occasion of the launch of the spring-summer 2021 collection therefore begins in a deserted city of Rome and is inspired by the poetic cinema of Van Sant. “He had written a very detailed story, and it could evoke atmospheres that I had filmed in Gerry, Elephant and Last Days,” says director Gus Van Sant about the collection.


Chanel and Godard’s films



During his spring-summer 2021 show, an imitation of the Hollywood sign – where it said “Chanel” – was enthroned on the catwalk. Under the direction of Virginie Viard, this fashion show celebrates the ties that Chanel has with the cinema. This homage to cinema was teased on social networks with clips from several films, including several by director Jean-Luc Godard.



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Thus, Chanel was inspired by the films of the New Wave of cinema, such as Breathless (1960), A Woman is a Woman (1961), Le Mépris (1963) and Pierrot le Fou (1965) by JeanLuc Godard. References to Jacques Deray‘s La Piscine (1969) and Louis Malle‘s Ascenseur pour l’échafaud (1958) were also scattered throughout the show.


Moschino and the golden age of cinema



For his fall-winter 2022 collection, Jeremy Scott takes the glamour of the golden age of Hollywood as his inspiration. The artistic director of the house has made a 12-minute film paying tribute to the film Women, by George Cukor (1939), with an all-female cast.



Giambattista Valli and The Silence of the Lambs



For his fall-winter 2012 fashion show, Giambattista Valli was inspired by Jonathan Demme‘s acclaimed The Silence of the Lambs (1991), where actor Anthony Hopkins plays Hannibal Lecter, a cannibalistic serial killer. The poster of the film, which illustrates Jodie Foster with a moth on her lips, was reproduced by one of the models of Giambattista Valli.



Thus, since its inception, fashion has had very close ties with the seventh art. Many other notable tributes to the cinema have taken place in recent years, such as the 2018 Calvin Klein fashion show, which was inspired by the film Carrie at the Devil’s Ball by Brian De Palma (1976) or Alexander McQueen for his fall-winter 2009 fashion show, which is an ode to the film Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola (1992).




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