Uniforms at work, from tradition to trend

In the professional world, uniforms no longer serve the same purpose as they once did. Personalized outfits are becoming essential tools for increasing brand visibility and creating a sense of belonging among employees. This evolution, from traditional to casual, is taking hold with leaders such as Wordans, redefining the corporate approach with a subtle blend of style and functionality.


In today’s professional world, uniforms are no longer simply a sartorial obligation, but a powerful vehicle for corporate identity. More and more companies are choosing to work with a workwear wholesaler to create outfits customized to their image, from sweaters to t-shirts and jackets. Why this choice? The answer lies in the desire to boost brand visibility, attract customers and benefit from free advertising space when out and about.


But the impact of these uniforms goes beyond simple brand promotion. By offering their employees distinctive clothing, companies foster a sense of belonging within the team.


Proudly displaying the company logo creates unity among employees, encouraging them to work together more collaboratively. The benefits are not only external, but also internal, contributing to a rewarding work environment.


The evolution of the uniform


Over the years, the professional uniform has undergone a significant transformation. From the strict outfits of the past, such as the classic “bleu de travail”, to company-specific dress codes, the uniform has become a reflection of societal and professional evolutions.


Uniforms may be required for reasons of safety, hygiene or when an employee is in direct contact with customers. However, the modernization of uniforms has radically changed the way employees present themselves at work. Gone are the days when shirt and tie were the norm, replaced by a more casual approach with outfits including jeans and sneakers.


Business casual


Why the transition to more casual attire? Obviously, the trend is towards the greater practicality and mobility offered by a contemporary uniform. T-shirts, in particular, are becoming a popular option in the workplace, offering superior comfort and putting everyone on an equal footing.


It’s against this backdrop that companies like Wordans, manufacturers of plain ready-to-wear clothing, stand out. As a leading clothing wholesaler, Wordans supplies well-known companies such as Disney, Hermès, Guerlain, Décathlon and Auchan, with best-selling brands such as Gildan, B&C and Westford Mill. With over 2 million active customers in 22 countries, Wordans continues to redefine the way companies approach uniforms at work, combining style and functionality.




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