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Wake up your taste buds with our selection of Christmas logs

Wake up your taste buds with our selection of Christmas logs

It’s hard not to end a Christmas meal without the traditional log. This year, Yule logs will be available for all tastes: chocolate, fruit, ice cream or pastry, but also in all shapes: in search of the perfect log to amaze your guests on Christmas Eve. Luxus+ Magazine has selected for you Christmas logs that are as beautiful for your eyes as they are delicious for your taste buds.


© Mandarin Oriental


The Mandarin Oriental‘s Pastry Chef, Adrien Bozzolo, was inspired by the famous teardrop-shaped Christmas ball to create the 2021 log for the Parisian hotel. In the past, this bauble was used as a decoration on your Christmas trees. Today, it is found on your plates for the New Year’s Eve meal. Fruits are honored in this dessert: it is composed of a crunchy Piedmont hazelnut and puffed bulgur, a hazelnut cookie, a Williams pear compote, a yuzu confit and a light Piedmont hazelnut mousse.


Price : 98€ for 6 people


© Le Meurice


Pastry Chef Cédric Grolet, famous for his trompe-l’oeil fruit desserts, needs no introduction. This year, Cédric Grolet presents his Christmas log for the hotel Le Meurice, where lemon is the star of the dessert. It is composed of a yuzu ganache and three gourmet inserts: yellow lemon, lime and black lemon.


Price : 110€ for 8 people


© Deliveroo


The meal delivery platform Deliveroo has teamed up with the finalist of the sixth season of Meilleur Pâtissier, Gabriella Da Rocha. This log is composed of a “crispy base with praline and puffed rice on which rests a roll with homemade spread coated with a chocolate ganache“. This time, you won’t find the usual log decorations, but miniatures of burger, pizza, sushi, ramen, to honor the ten most ordered dishes on the application. In addition to pleasing yourself, you’ll be doing a good deed, since the profits will be donated to Secours Populaire Français.


Price : 40€ for 6 people


© Le Lutetia


Nicolas Guercio, Pastry Chef at the Lutetia Hotel, presents his log as a tribute to his childhood memories, in reference to the famous song that we all listen to at Christmas “N’oublie pas mon petit soulier” (Don’t forget my little shoe). In his memories, he was offered a tangerine in his slippers on Christmas Eve. This log consists of a light mandarin mousse coating a soft gluten-free chocolate cookie with a dark chocolate crunch. A tangerine crème brûlée and a 64% Valrhona dark chocolate mousse with a tangerine jelly.


Price : 95€ for 6 people


© Royal Monceau


The Pastry Chef of the Royal Monceau, Quentin Lechat presented his creation for the end of the year celebrations, inspired by the log that comes to warm up our winter evenings. Quentin Lechat took it literally, as the design of this dessert is a real log. Chestnut and lemon are in the spotlight in this creation and is composed of a fine chestnut mousse and a ganache made with Tahitian vanilla as well as a melting chestnut cream heart.


Price : 140€ for 6 persons


© Shangri-La Paris


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The Pastry Chef of the Shangri-La Paris, Maxence Barbot presented his Christmas log 2021 in a honey spoon XXL trompe-l’oeil. This creation marries wonderfully honey and buckwheat, in honor of the Chef’s Breton origins. We find a buckwheat honey mousse, a jocund cookie with Piedmont hazelnuts and buckwheat chips, and a yellow lemon confit and crunchy texture for the handle of the spoon.


Price : 108€ for 6 to 8 people


© Plaza Athénée


Angelo Musa, World Pastry Champion and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and the new pastry chef of the Plaza Athénée, Elisabeth Hot, present an enchanting log in the shape of a Christmas ball. Inside is an enchanted forest composed of a chocolate cookie, a mucilage confit, an old-fashioned chocolate mousse, praline and a milk chocolate mousse infused with cascara.


Price : 115€ for 6 people





Featured photo : © Nina Métayer / Printemps du Goût