Where to take the air in September? The favorite destinations of the French to get away

The online travel agency Opodo has established the top of the most popular destinations for French people to stay in the countryside. From Germany to Australia, through Slovenia, Luxembourg and the United States, here are the top destinations most popular with the French for a shot of nature in the fall.


The Isle of Skye, Scotland


In Europe, the second largest island of Scotland, which is also the northernmost island of the Scottish Highlands, offers breathtaking landscapes if you are in search of nature. Between picturesque fishing villages to walk through, medieval castles to visit, the waterfalls of Lealt to admire, the visit will be both cultural and natural. The French are conquered and for good reason, they are the 4th nationality to seek an escape in Scotland during the period of September/October, after the British, the Americans and the Germans.


The Bernese Oberland region in Switzerland


South of the Swiss capital, the Bernese Oberland region offers a true concentration of nature, from snow-capped mountains to alpine lakes, magnificent waterfalls, and spectacular hiking trails. This region will also allow you to admire botanical gardens, glaciers and the famous Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch mountains. The French are the 5th nationality to seek out this destination in September/October.


Triglav National Park in Slovenia


In the northwest of Slovenia, the Triglav National Park is a preserved area of 880 square kilometers, offering magnificent views from the high peaks, between green alpine valleys, streams and lakes and a great diversity of fauna and flora. It is possible to practice mountain climbing with a guide and to spend the night in a mountain refuge cut off from the world.



The Azores, in Portugal


The Azores are home to nine different volcanic islands in the middle of the North Atlantic. Between fishing villages, volcanic landscapes and natural pools, the Azores have a very varied landscape. Sulphur cavern, lake of fire and botanical park are among the must-see, as well as the observation of whales, sperm whales and other dolphins.

The French are the 3rd nationality to seek out this destination in September/October, after the Portuguese and Germans.


The Black Forest is a mountainous massif located in the southwest of Germany, near the border with France and has served as a natural setting for many Grimm fairy tales. The Black Forest has dense forests, especially pine forests, and picturesque lakes.


Finally, the region of Mullerthal, in Luxembourg, is sought after by the French and appreciated by hikers because it has a network of marked trails that can be used all year round. You will be able to admire impressive rock formations, romantic valleys and amazing views of the Sûre valley, passing through small villages of undeniable charm.


Destinations outside Europe


Outside of Europe, the French prefer to go to the United States and Australia in September. We can mention the Grand Teton National Park, in America, which shelters two hundred kilometers of trails and the Snake River, full of history and geological mysteries, in the northwest of Wyoming.


There is also South Dakota, which is full of natural wonders, such as the Missouri River that runs through the region,
the famous Cluster Spires and Lake Sylvan in Custer State Park. Finally, Oregon is a prime destination, with some 580 miles of rugged cliffs, coastal villages, beaches, scenic forests and mountains, and even deserts.



Rounding out this ranking, Australia’s Great Otway National Park, which stretches from Torquay along the world-famous Great Ocean Road to the Otway hinterland, is a popular destination. Windswept coastlines, towering waterfalls and high mountain forests will be part of the landscape of your adventure.


Finally, lovers of the great outdoors should enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the Yarra Valley. Covering 76,000 hectares, this national park offers breathtaking views, majestic rainforest landscapes, and is home to some of the country’s most renowned wineries.





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