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Mory Sacko: Who is really the new artistic director of the first Louis Vuitton restaurant?

Mory Sacko: Who is really the new artistic director of the first Louis Vuitton restaurant?

The new Louis Vuitton restaurant, recently opened in Saint-Tropez, has taken up the House’s codes with the recipes of starred chef Mory Sacko. A look back at an exemplary career.


Born on September 24, 1992 in Rueil-Malmaison, Mory Sacko enjoyed, as a child, tasting with envy the dishes of his Senegalese mother. But it was in the third grade that he turned to this profession. “When I thought about what I wanted to do, I realized that I liked documentaries on the world of palaces and cuisine,” he explained to Vice magazine.


Louis Vuitton restaurant with Mory Sacko © knngrm


He then entered the hotel school at 14 years old and his first experience as a commis at the Royal Monceau remains, in his eyes, unforgettable. In four years, he learned the basics of palace cuisine before joining the Shangri-La, then the Mandarin Oriental of Thierry Marx. As a sous-chef, he forged ties with the famous chef with a passion for Japan. “He really built me in the management part, which means thinking about a dish, having a reflection and not just making something good.


At the end of 2019, he became known to the general public by participating in the 11th season of Top Chef. His smiling personality and relaxed style win over the jurors and afficionados of the television program. This exposure helped him to open his very first restaurant. Baptized MoSuke, the establishment nestled a stone’s throw from the Avenue du Maine in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, was opened in August 2020. Reservations are pouring in and the first reviews confirm the young chef’s talent.


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The very rapid arrival of a first star in the Michelin guide was received with great enthusiasm. “I think that cooking is perhaps one of the circles where one can claim a social ascension, where I, the son of a worker, was able to reach a managerial position at 25, and a professional ascension. In the kitchen, you can rise very quickly: the only judge of peace is competence,” he commented on France CultureIn terms of cooking, the Chef wishes to make people discover his universe through a culinary journey between Africa, Japan and France. With MoSuke, Mory Sacko proposes the cuisine he loves: plural, delicate, creative, at the crossroads of influences and territories.


Louis Vuitton restaurant with Mory Sacko © knngrm


And Louis Vuitton is betting on it, by opening its very first French restaurant on June 17 in Saint-Tropez. Located in the White 1921 Hotel, on the mythical Place des Lices, the restaurant will offer about 40 places to eat, designed in collaboration with Mory Sacko and infused with Louis Vuitton codes. Travertine, wood, rope and rattan set the tone for this place, which is decorated with revisited Nomadic Objects and the brand’s monogram.


Mory Sacko signs the artistic direction of this restaurantbased on (their) common values of a French know-how dedicated to the art of travel“. Delighted with this collaboration, Mory Sacko shared the following message on social networks in which he thanks “all the people who made this project possible” and “sincerely hopes that you will like the restaurant!



On the menu, the chef’s menu is an invitation to travel. African and Japanese influences meet the know-how of French gastronomy, with rigor and accuracy. For lunch, we discover creative variations on the ekiben (iconic meal tray served in Japanese trains). And for dinner, the chef has imagined tapas, eggplant veggie tacos, as well as tasty tagines accompanied by a raw fennel salad, or plantains with smoked sweet pepper. A journey initiated by the famous trunk-maker, well accompanied by the chef who is a fan of world cuisine.





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