10 mythical yachts that have marked the history of cinema


Luxury yachts seduce the world of cinema. A look back at the most legendary yachts in ten films and series.


« Succession », Jesse Armstrong, 2019


©ypiyachts / Solandge Lürssen


Between complication and rivalry within the Roy family, patriarch Logan Roy owns a powerful conglomerate built on media and entertainment. For the realization of the last episode of season 2, the series was directed on the boat Solandge, a mega-yacht from the German builder Lürssen combining VIP suite, majestic staircase and swimming pool overlooking the landscape. Small family shootout behind closed doors.



« Entourage », Doug Ellin, 2015


©USHER Yacht


The opening scene of the film takes us aboard the luxury yacht Usher of the American Delta Marine. Bamboo, woven wood, leather skins and textured fabrics highlight its simplicity. Equipped with five spacious cabins that can accommodate twelve people, different spaces and a Jacuzzi, we are in the height of luxury for the film adaptation of the television series of the same name. On the program: the life of actor Vincent Chase with his buddies, who are trying to achieve their dreams in the singular world of Hollywood.



« The wolf of Wall Street », Martin Scorsese, 2013


©Luxury Charter Yacht M3 Water Toys


In the skin of a financial magnate evolving in the heart of the 1980s, lead actor Leonardo Dicaprio dives into the luxurious universe of the mega-yacht M3 which plays out festive scenes with champagne and jacuzzi. On board this boat with magnificent furniture, sumptuous seats are also present in all the rooms to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.



The 007 saga


©ypiyachts Regina yacht


The secret activities of the notorious Agent 007 don’t stop James Bond from depriving himself. His taste for luxury yachts includes the Turkish group Pruva Yachting, the grandiose and elegant Regina, which is one of the most prestigious luxury boats appearing in the film “Skyfall”. With a capacity of six cabins, it can accommodate twelve guests.



« Syriana », de Stephen Gaghan en 2005


©boatinternational / Helios 2


In his espionage film with agent Bob Barnes played by George Clooney, director Stephen Gaghan takes his inspiration from American Palmer Johnson’s Helios 2 for the set of his spy film “Syriana”. Built in aluminium, this 51.2-metre yacht can accommodate up to twelve people in five cabins.



« The Island »,  Michael Bay, 2005


©bateaux / 118 Wally power


Designed by Luca Bassani Antivari, this futuristic-looking yacht proudly reveals its angular lines associated with the glass superstructure reminiscent of a stealth ship. When you look at it, a feeling of power emerges. Named the 118 Wally Power, this yacht is a out of from the usual style. Director Michael Bay was seduced to make his science fiction film on the theme of medical ethics. Composed of carbon, this innovation costs the modest sum of 30 million dollars.



« Ocean’s Twelve », Steven Soderbergh, 2004


©atiyachts Riva Aquarama


This robbery film directed with famous actors in the world of cinema such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, reveals on screen the Riva Aquarama one of the most famous yachts in the world, which is shown here in its “Special” edition. Its chrome lighthouse and mahogany hull had already seduced the cinema before.



« Donnie Brasco », Mike Newell, 1997


©boatinternational Rrendezvous


Based on the true story of an agent who infiltrated one of the five New York mafias in the late 1970s, director Mike Newell directs his thriller on the R Rendezvous “The Left Hand” yacht. Built by the American group Christensen, this 33.53-metre-long boat devotes a central place in the plot, bringing together on screen the two popular actors Johnny Depp and Al Pacino.



« L’aventure c’est l’aventure », Claude Lelouch, 1972


©lesechos Riva Ariston


In the burlesque comedy “L’aventure c’est l’aventure” directed by Claude Lelouch, we discover on the screen the Riva Ariston, one of the most popular yachts of the bourgeois society of the 70s because of its aestheticism and power.


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