5 beautiful books to discover sport in a different way

To be leafed through before, during and after the eagerly-awaited 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, beautiful books on the world of sport are a sure bet for your bookshelf or coffee table. Perfect for young and old alike, these informative and visual books explore the history of sport, its athletes or a particular discipline. An opportunity to learn a little more about a timeless activity that touches us all, and is rich in anecdotes.


With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games only a few weeks away, the art world is in full swing, celebrating the global event. A fashion collection with an athleticwear flavour, a cultural Olympiad led by LVMH, the appointment of athletes as ambassadors, exhibitions linked to the history of various physical disciplines… There is no end to the number of sports-related initiatives. And publishing has not escaped this trend. Publishers are publishing books to help you discover sport in a new way.


The Last Heroes by Assouline


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Discover 100 moments of Olympic legend. That’s the idea behind The Last Heroes, published by Assouline in June 2024. In just over 200 pages, French journalists Olivier Margot and Étienne Bonamy recount the key moments of the Olympic Games that have stirred the emotions of the public, from the triumph of runner Jesse Owens at the Berlin Games in 1936 to the inspiring conclusion of injured 400m specialist Derek Redmond, who finished the event with the help of his father in 1992. This book wonderfully reveals all the suspense of competitions and the joy of success.


Wellness Volume 1 by Sporty and Rich


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Published by the Sporty and Rich brand, The Sporty and Rich Wellness Book (Volume 1) reveals 240 pages of interviews, articles, health advice and essays on skin, nutrition and fitness. Emily Oberg, founder of Sporty & Rich and author of the book, said: “Wellness is my number one passion and if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with becoming the best version of myself and encouraging others to do the same. I’ve written this book in the hope that it will help people discover what it means to be truly ‘well'”. Alongside the informative writing, the beautiful images taken by Purienne and Yana Shept are a real visual bonus.


Breitling Book Surfing by Rizzoli


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While the history of Breitling is intimately linked to surfing, the watchmaking house is highlighting this relationship through the Book Surfing (published by Rizzoli), whose cover image, a surfer under a wave, sets the tone. Let’s go on a journey around this discipline, to the heart of surfing culture, told by athletes and the communities that gravitate around it. The foreword was written by surfer Mikey February, the introduction by surfer Stephanie Gilmore, and the texts by surfing specialist Ben Mondy. From the wild and unforgiving west coast of Ireland to the famous beaches of Oahu, Hawaii, and across six continents, Breitling offers a unique and unexpected window into the modern surfing experience.


The Parisianer: sport in the city by Editions de la Martinière


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Published in March 2024 by Editions de la Martinière, The Parisianer: le sport dans la ville is an account of physical activity in the city. “Sprinting for the last table on a café terrace, climbing Building B, scoring a goal in the living room mirror, fencing on the quayside or taking a plunge in the metro: who said urban life was all rest and relaxation? From small everyday feats to great athletic moments, it offers a playful vision of sport in the city, illustrated by 43 colourful illustrations by Aurélie Pollet and Michael Prigent.


Championnes ! by Editions de la Martinière


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Championnes! celebrates women in sport. This feminist book highlights 90 athletes from all disciplines who have made their mark on the history of sport over the last 100 years. From Alice Milliat, founder of the Fédération des sociétés féminines sportives de France, to Neroli Fairhall, the first paraplegic athlete to qualify for the Olympic Games, Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in history, and Junko Tabei, the first mountaineer to reach the summit of Mount Everest, this book introduces us to top-level sportswomen. Written by Laurie Delhostal and Cécile Grès and illustrated by Louison.


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