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5 trends to remember from the spring-summer 2021 Celine fashion show

5 trends to remember from the spring-summer 2021 Celine fashion show

The French ready-to-wear house Céline opened the show on Monday, October 27th at the Louis II stadium in Monaco during its spring-summer 2021 fashion show alongside Hedi Slimane, a great name in French fashion design.


It is on the title I Like Him by Princess Nokia that 34 models have paraded one after the other during Celine’s show this Monday. The show was divided into five parts, each representing the five avant-garde styles of the summer of 2021, mixing the look of Parisian chic with the loose style of youth.



Former creative director at Dior Homme and Yves-Saint-Laurent, Hedi Slimane immersed himself in the daily life of young Parisian teenagers and invented a fashion show that mirrors this generation: “20 years in 2020“. The stylist and photographer fuses the year’s trendiest styles, from the increasingly fashionable nineties style to the chic Parisian and sporty look.


And like many luxury houses during Paris Fashion Week, Celine broadcast her entire runway show live on all platforms, including her website and social networks.


Organized behind closed doors without her beloved audience, the Celine runway show sets the tone for the new trends to come for the summer 2021 collections and distinguishes five different styles.


Look n°1


We find the first profile of the young Parisian sportswear designer who remains chic in her sneakers. Hedi Slimane has imagined here a “luxury” sportswear style mixing pieces of silk with Céline’s link patterns and jogging pants. This “nonchalant” allure that pleases the wearer with its ultimate comfort can be found in the brand’s designer sports shorts, bobs or even bras made of cashmere.


Look n°2


While the Flare jean is the emblematic piece of this fall, Celine has decided to go back to the style of the 90s to bring back the very casual retro style characterized by this denim model called Fold. This year’s flagship high waist, a straight cut while giving the jeans that loose look.


Look n°3


This time, Celine plays on the mix and match by playing on the contrasts of everyday pieces. Between evening dresses worn with sneakers or rain boots, at Céline’s, it’s carte blanche to concoct an outfit that is both comfortable and chic. Here we find the camouflage print piece, synonymous with the retro college girl, and the piece with the Céline signature link prints.

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Look n°4


This fourth style corresponds to the 20-year-old teenager who lives her life in 2020, when the world is going through one of its biggest global crises. And it’s towards this desire to be freer that Hedi Slimane imagines an outfit that takes up the codes of different universes, by the sporty Parisian wearing a cap or a bobsleigh, the cool kid style that is very much in vogue this year and which joins the chic details of luxury so subtly.


Look n°5


It is the allure of the bourgeois Parisian woman that we finally find, by the famous suit with fine black and white stripes. The detail of the cap comes back again and again, a reminder of this chic and loose Parisian woman who reinvents herself all along this collection.



Featured photo : © Céline