7 beautiful books to give you a taste of summer

While the sun is only just beginning to shine in France, books can be enjoyed at any time of year. Whether it’s beach photographs with a southern flair or colourful locations from the four corners of the globe, these 7 books are sure to be a joy to leaf through.


Le Beau Livre de l’été


© Atlantica


Photographer César Ancelle-Hansen paints a unique portrait of Biarritz, and in particular of the Atlantic Ocean, the beating heart of the south-western city. Surf, beach, various silhouettes enjoying the sun, waffle sellers, foam details… The artist highlights all the summer life of this seaside region in this 180-page book published in 2017 by Atlantica. Enough to make you want to set down your suitcases here.


Dolce Vita


© Assouline


Over-glamorised, the Italian lifestyle is an iconic Mediterranean fantasy. Dolce Vita, published by Assouline in 2023, features photographs by artists Ferdinando Scianna and Bruno Barbey. This journey through Italy leaves you dreaming. We meet Maria Callas, Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, savour moments of life over pasta, appreciate elegant looks and the country’s emblematic landscapes. The beauty and charm of yesteryear, found nowhere else, are immortalised in this 320-page book, an invitation to experience the Italian way of life.


Marseille Je t’aime


© Jacquemus


For his first book published in 2017, Simon Porte Jacquemus teamed up with a dozen artists, including Philippine Chaumont Agathe Zaerpour, Matthew Cowan and Willi Dorner, to deliver a picture of Marseille that is authentic, sincere and full of life. The city and its protagonists are portrayed both artistically and naturally, always with a gentle poetic touch. Unadorned photographs that let the spirit escape.


The Mediterranean home


© Gestalten


It’s synonymous with holidays, shady terraces welcoming friends and family, shutters closed to cool the rooms in summer… The Mediterranean house breathes that special southern atmosphere. But that’s not all. In this book published by Gestalten, the minimalism of the region is reinvented, from California to Morocco, via Portugal and Mexico. The interiors are sober, uncluttered and warm. Spaces oscillate between tradition and modernity. Earthy tones and colourful fabrics mingle with ceramics, rattan furniture and Berber rugs. You can browse, be inspired and discover designs that are always enhanced by the light.


Great Escapes Greece The Hotel Book


© Taschen


Discover the most beautiful hotels in Greece with Great Escapes Greece The Hotel Book, published by Taschen. Much more than just images of islands and beaches, this book highlights the lifestyle, architecture and decoration that are so characteristic of this sun-drenched region. Combining design and landscapes, the photographs showcase some of the country’s finest hotel nuggets, which blend in perfectly with their exceptional surroundings.


Colorful World


© Rizzoli


Summer is synonymous with colour. And what better way to capture them than in the book Colorful World, published by Rizzoli. More than 50 places are showcased for their intense, distinctive hues, from Greece to Japan, via Indonesia and Italy. Ancient monoliths, picturesque islands, surprising works of art, urban landscapes, white sandy beaches, ancient cobbled streets… So many places that transport us on a colourful and joyful journey.


Wish I was here


© Lannoo


The beach and the sea on 240 pages. The book Wish I was here, published by Lannoo, reveals the most beautiful places in the world where the ocean dominates. White sand meets wild fauna and vegetation bursting with life. The incredible images, taken by top photographers, captivate the retina in a matter of seconds, with sumptuous shades of colour, the sun illuminating the beaches and people immersing themselves in crystal-clear waters by swimming, diving or surfing.


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Featured photo : © Gestalten

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