A short history of luxury: Gourmet treasures at Ladurée

Known worldwide for its famous macaroons, the House of Ladurée, founded in 1862, has a history spanning 160 years.


In 1862, Louis-Ernest Ladurée decided to open a bakery in the Madeleine, the district of luxury artisans. This was at a time when Paris was changing its face under the impetus of Baron Haussmann.  Following a fire, it was reborn from its ashes as a pastry shop. Jules Chéret, an inspired poster artist and creator of the “Ange Pâtissier”, signed its decoration.


© Ladurée


In 1900, Paris hosted the Universal Exhibition and Parisian life was in full swing at the Madeleine. Women took part in this teeming social and intellectual life. Jeanne Souchard, Ernest Ladurée’s wife, had an idea that was to become a success: she combined coffee and pastry and invented the first tea room, a place conducive to meetings between women.


© Ladurée


In 1930, the Parisian pastry chef Pierre Desfontaines, a grand-cousin of the creator of Louis-Ernest, had the ingenious idea of assembling two macaroon shells, filled with a tasty ganache. This was the birth of the famous Parisian macaroon as we know it today.


David and Francis Holder, who were regulars at the company, bought it in 1993. Until 1997, David Holder worked alongside the Ladurees to give it a new dimension. The mythical tea room and boutique on the Champs-Elysées opened in 1997.


Marie-Antoinette by Sofia Coppola


In 2002, the House began collaborating with Chantal Thomass on their liquorice flavoured macaroon. At the same time, Ladurée crossed the Channel and established itself at Harrods in London. In 2006, Ladurée was featured in Sofia Coppola‘s film “Marie-Antoinette”, providing the pastries for the film. A few years later, Ladurée moved to Versailles. But also in Cannes and Saint-Tropez.


The House continued its international expansion, setting up shop in Japan, New York and Dubai, Hong Kong, Brazil and Sweden.


© Ladurée


From 2012 onwards, the ranges diversify: a line of cosmetics, Les Merveilleuses, and “Les Marquis” chocolates.

To give rhythm to its creations and to respect the cycle of nature, the House will enter into a “Slow Flower” approach, from 2019. Its ingredients will become 100% natural.


Julien Alvarez © Ladurée


In 2021, pastry chef Julien Alvarez will join the brand as International Head of Pastry Creation. His credo is to maintain and develop the brand’s uniqueness and to maintain ethical sourcing for his creations.



Featured photo : © Ladurée

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