A short history of luxury: the House of Moët & Chandon and the British Royal Family

The story of the British royal family and the Moët & Chandon Champagne House began in the 19th century. Since then, it has written itself and this unique relationship of bubbles and royalty continues to evolve. Here is a look back at almost 200 years of history.


A story always has a beginning and an end. And this one begins in 1835.


At that time, the House of Moët & Chandon had been in existence since 1743. Its founder, Claude Moët, wanted to transmit a unique know-how, combining innovation and bubbles. He was the first to embody these values and very quickly made his champagne one of the most prized in Europe.


For its part, the royal family invented the Royal Warrants of Appointment, which were mandates issued to companies providing goods and services to the royal court of England. Brands can advertise this endorsement on their packaging and advertising.


British royals have long enjoyed champagne. After George II, Queen Victoria followed the legacy of her predecessor by granting the French brand the famous Royal Warrant in 1835. It is said that she was indeed a great lover of sparkling wines, on the sole condition that it was not too “sweet”, in other words quite dry.


In total, the Champagne House has served seven kings and queens across the Channel, until today. Three of its cuvées are currently qualified as Imperial. Over the years, Moët & Chandon has learned to know the tastes of the family, offering several types of sparkling wines, until finding the perfect match.


Thus, in 1884, almost 40 years after being awarded its first mandate, the House created the Dry Impérial, a dry champagne nicknamed the Cuvée Royale, in homage to the crown. Today, the number one champagne is also the undisputed leader on British soil, closely followed by other iconic and favorite brands of the English family, such as Mumm Champagne.


This historic association continues through the decades. In the 20th century, the relationship continued with various coronations. First that of Edward VII in 1902, then that of George V in 1911, followed by that of George VI in 1937 and the penultimate one, that of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.


And because this sparkling relationship endures, the House has also marked the Queen’s silver, gold and diamond jubilees with limited edition champagne releases. The bottle for the silver jubilees, named Silver Jubilee Cuvée Champagne, has been given a silver color for the occasion, instead of the usual gold color. And not surprisingly, we find the emblematic crown on the label, in addition to the appellation “Cuvée Royale”.


From Buckingham to Épernay


Since 1987, Moët & Chandon and the Louis Vuitton Group have joined forces to form the world’s leading luxury group, LVMH.


In 2018, the French luxury leader is organizing its fourth Particular Days around the world, including in Épernay, where the Champagne House’s Orangerie is located. On this occasion, the establishment offered a beautiful temporary exhibition, selecting 37 historical menus out of the 2,000 it has.



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This retrospective highlighted four different themes, namely Graphic arts, On board the mythical liners, The French presidency and finally, the one that interests us the most, At the table with the royal family.


It traces the chronology of the link between Buckingham Palace and Moët & Chandon, showing visitors menus on parchment or silk, to illustrate the richness of the wines served on special occasions. Jubilees, coronations, important royal events and more, it’s almost as if the French company is part of the family.


New coronation, new vintage


In 2023, on the occasion of the coronation of the future King of England, King Charles III, at Westminster, Moët & Chandon will pay a new tribute to the royal family by launching a special magnum. Entitled Coronation cuvée 2023, it is part of the Moët Impérial category. The bottle, to be tasted, cellared and/or kept as a souvenir, bears a badge in the colors of the British flag with the date of the coronation ceremony (May 6). A black label with golden letters is also under this tricolored badge, where we can read “The House of Moët & Chandon is proud to present this special vintage to celebrate the coronation of His Majesty the King“.



This limited edition champagne will be available on May 1st, a few days before the most anticipated event of the year by the English. The recommended retail price is 96 pounds…but don’t wait, as it should go up quickly once put on the resale platforms! To give an idea, the champagne released exclusively for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is now selling online between 400 and 600 pounds.


A limited edition but also…lots of other novelties. For the 280th anniversary of the House, Moët & Chandon unveils a trilogy of great vintages, testifying to three remarkable years: Grand Vintage 2015, Grand Vintage collection 2006 and Grand Vintage collection 1999. A new typography that makes a difference and shows that the House reinvents itself day by day, while highlighting a know-how that has lasted for 280 years.




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