Advertising and luxury: five unforgettable commercials

Advertising has always been a very popular means of communication for luxury brands, which have understood the importance of capturing attention in just a few seconds. Let’s take a look at the five most memorable luxury ads.


Play it like Hermès


For the release of its spring-summer 2018 collection, the house of Hermès created a playful communication campaign, setting up four small scenes, declined according to the categories of the house of Hermès (fashion, jewelry, silk and the art of table).



Under the title Play it like Hermès, the ad invites fun and lightness. The campaign’s photographer, Jack Davinson, only 27 years old, directs the campaign and breathes life into it from the millenials generation to which he belongs.


Chanel’s “Follow Me…”


The historic French fashion house Chanel is known for its daring advertisements, and it’s no surprise that the house wins the award for funniest ad. For the advertisement of its J12 watch, the house calls on the comedians Camille Cottin and Eloise Lang.



These two video spotsFollow me…” take place in the capital of fashion, Paris, under the notes of the music of Clara Luciani, La Grenade. By bringing a funny character far from the usual codes followed by women in advertisements, Chanel has managed to conquer a new audience.


The Odyssey of Cartier


Cartier’s Odyssey ad, first aired in 2012 to mark the 165th anniversary of the jewelry house, won several awards, including the Golden Lion for special effects at Cannes and the Stratégies / Amaury Médias Grand Prix for luxury. It is one of the luxury ads that has most captivated the public.



Directed by Bruno Aveillan, with the support of the Marcel and Publicis 33 agencies, and like Homer’s Odyssey, this commercial is an ode to travel and adventure, showing the most beautiful Cartier pieces from Paris, for a world tour of the jeweler’s influence.


Kenzo World


In 2016, the house of Kenzo, eager to modernize its brand image, launched a stunning commercial for Kenzo World. A month after its release, the commercial clip following actress Margaret Qualley leaving a Lincoln Center gala in New York City to engage in a playful dance, totaled over 17 million views.


To the music of Sam Spiegel’s Mutant Brain and directed by Spike Jonze, the Kenzo World ad goes wild for the release of the new fragrance. The house says goodbye to the poppies and poetry of its old ads to give way to a dynamic, attracting more new generations.


“Enter The Game” by Dior


She was the muse of the house of Dior and the Lady Dior bag for many years and is one of the most famous French actresses in the world: Marion Cotillard is the star of one of the most iconic commercials of Dior, aired in 2014, “Enter The Game“.



The Oscar-winning actress lounges on her Le Corbusier sofa from a villa with a pool, and to the notes of music by artist Metronomy, she sings happily, and tries out a few dance steps with charismatic nonchalance, embodying a French charm dear to the house of Dior.




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