AI Pin: wearable technology

It took five years for this technological jewel to see the light of day. Designed by start-up Humane, the AI Pin badge aims to be an alternative to phones and other screens thanks to its projection system and its many services.


Founded by former Apple employees in 2018, Humane has a very specific ambition. While its directors believe that the total elimination of phone screens is not on the agenda, they do intend to reduce their use thanks to their new connected object: the AI Pin. This little device, a square box just 5 centimetres long and wide, is worn like a badge and meets a variety of needs. How can it be used by voice command, but also by projecting information directly onto the hand. Find out more.


An avant-garde use


The project was teased five years ago. Today, the famous AI Pin from start-up Humane is finally being unveiled to the public. The device, which takes the form of a badge that clips onto a top or jacket, is unique in that it has no screen. Its services are controlled by voice command, but it is also possible to connect via Bluetooth in noisy environments.




If users need to display information visually, they can project it onto the palm of their hand using the projector, and switch from one piece of information to another by swiping and pinching with their fingers. Not all the traditional applications available on smartphones are accessible at the moment.


Features based on artificial intelligence


In addition to its innovative approach, the AI Pin is rich in technology. In fact, the little box integrates ChatGPT into its system, the flagship application of recent months that can generate texts.




The AI Pin can therefore access its users’ emails, write or summarise messages, translate speech into another language during a physical conversation and make calls. According to Humane, its badge is able to know and understand its owner’s needs, by selecting and synthesising data.

A wide-angle camera and GPS tracking are also included. The battery, which lasts for a day, is located on the back of the device, while the front hides a microcomputer.




These are certainly practical functions, but they don’t differ all that much from the capabilities of a new-generation smartphone. However, its founders see the AI Pin as a way of reducing the use of phone screens and approaching digital tools in a different, futuristic way.

Pre-orders for the AI Pin were launched in the United States yesterday, Thursday 16 November 2023. The first deliveries of the object, which costs $699, are scheduled for next year.



Front page photo : ©Humane

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