Bentley Batur features 3D-printed 18-karat gold coins

This is not the first time an automaker has used additive manufacturing for its vehicles…but in 18-karat gold, it becomes considerably more surprising.

Bentley Motors incorporates 3D printed solid gold, into the exclusive Mulliner Batur. This is the first time such a revolutionary process has been used in the automotive industry. This “additive manufacturing” (AM) technique will add up to 210 grams of 18ct yellow gold to the bodied coupe.


© Bentley


Each 3D printed gold piece in the car is designed using laser melting powder bed technology. According to the brand, the gold used is 100% recycled from old jewelry and ground into the fine powder needed for the 3D printing technique. The process reflects Bentley’s commitment to a more sustainable future. It is part of the company’s Beyond100 strategy, which aims for end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030.


Each 3D gold part of the coupe is digitally designed using CAD models. After printing, each of the pieces is then hand-finished by skilled jewelry artisans using traditional techniques to achieve the polish and quality Bentley expects.


© Bentley


This car has some amazing features, such as eLSD, four-wheel steering, and even 48-volt active stabilizers that enhance its performance. This model also incorporates other parts made through additive manufacturing, such as the 3D printed titanium cover. “The Batur is an important car for Bentley. More than just the heir to the Bacalar, this model shows the direction we will take in design in the future as we develop our electric vehicle lineup. Andi Mindt and his team have reinvented classic Bentley design elements with a stronger, bolder approach that remains both elegant and graceful,” said Adrian Hallmark, Bentley’s chief executive officer.


© Bentley


The W12-powered Batur is limited to just 18 pieces, all of which have already been sold to Mulliner (customization service) customers for £1.65 million each (excluding taxes and options). The optional 3D-printed gold is featured on the Charisma dial, which surrounds the start/stop button and is used to change driving modes. It’s also used for Bentley’s iconic Organ Stop ventilation controls on the dashboard, as well as a gold-inserted marker on the steering wheel.


Matthias Rabe, board member for research and development at Bentley Motors, says, “Bentley’s approach to additive manufacturing is industry-leading, which is evident in our pioneering use of a luxury metal in the design and development process of the Batur. One of its key benefits is that it focuses on efficiency, reducing the cost and complexity of a myriad of jobs while maintaining the value of a scarce resource.”





Featured photo : © Bentley

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