Between lies, revelations and scandals: why are Prince Harry’s memoirs so controversial?

Spare“, the autobiography of Prince Harry, or Duke of Sussex, was released Tuesday in bookstores worldwide. Translated into 16 languages, the novel of more than 500 pages evokes, among other things, many controversies raised by the tabloid press.


Last Tuesday, the long-awaited book of Prince Harry was unveiled to the general public. After a documentary on Netflix, the youngest member of the royal family opened up about his life, making revelations and talking about the various controversies that have targeted him for many years.


Always different and often misunderstood, the last son of Lady Di has never been afraid of the gaze of others, the press, and even his family. In this book, he tells anecdotes never before revealed to the public, which will delight the press worldwide. And in particular the newspapers in Great Britain, which are very interested in royal stories. Some revelations are already making headlines: Harry killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan, Harry came to blows with his brother Prince William


The youngest son of the king of England is an angry man. And this book, co-written with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist J.R. Moehringer, is the best way for him to express himself. He talks about his relationship with his older brother, his father King Charles III, who was not very affectionate during his childhood, Camilla Parker Bowles, his father’s second wife, and finally Kate Middleton, his sister-in-law, who has obviously never been able to find the right words or establish a bond with his wife, Meghan Markle…



The prince, exiled in California with his wife and two children since 2020, speaks more deeply about his relationship with his “beloved brother and best enemy“, Prince William.  These two brothers that everything opposes, close during adolescence, have become almost strangers to each other in adulthood. It paints an unflattering portrait of the future king of England and reveals personal and family anecdotes that no one knew about before reading this almost “diary“. Presented as choleric, William would have visibly never liked Harry’s wife, whom he considered “ill-bred and aggressive“. They would have even had an argument in 2019, where Prince Williams, caught in a fit of anger, would have thrown his brother to the ground. He also describes a long rivalry between him, “the spare” and William “the heir“.


Harry also talks about the paparazzi, who have a large responsibility, according to him, in the death of his mother. He talks about his long celibacy, caused according to him by all the obligations that constrained him, but also of the Monarchy, notwithstanding some. An institution that dictated his life while his evil advisors, would sow, them, the mess in the family relations of the crown.


Published four months after the death of Elizabeth II and four months before the coronation of Charles III, this book is an outlet for Prince Harry, from which no one comes out unscathed.


Yesterday, the publisher of “Spare” revealed that it had sold 1.4 million copies in one day. Nevertheless, despite the good sales of the book, the popularity of the Duke of Sussex is at half-mast in the UK. He is often described as a spoiled child who wants the benefits of the crown without the drawbacks. Only 26% of Britons have a favorable opinion of Prince Harry according to a YouGov survey conducted in early January, 7 points less than in December.


Buckingham Palace has for the moment kept silent about this auto-biography, although the press has already reported the discontent of the Windsors.




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