Beyoncé or the Creation of an Empire

There is not a person who does not know his name or at least one of his many hits. Over two decades, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, known by her stage name Beyoncé, has become a monument in the music industry and a global phenomenon. An engaged artist and recognized businesswoman, she has positioned herself on all fronts to build a solid empire. The announcement of her upcoming album Renaissance: Act II coincides with the launch of her hair care brand Cécred, which is already shaping up to be a commercial success. Deciphering an artistic and economic figure with a skillfully crafted career.


Beyoncé was only 15 years old when she signed her first contract with Columbia Records label. A singer in the group Destiny’s Child, she embarked on a solo career, encouraged by her future husband Jay-Z. Her albums were successful, and Beyoncé quickly began to reign over the music industry, with her fan community even nicknaming her “Queen B.”


In 2023, Beyoncé became the most awarded artist in Grammys Awards history with a total of 32 trophies throughout her career. The same year, the “Renaissance World Tour” visited 10 countries and 39 cities. With $461.3 million (435 million euros) in revenue, this tour became the most lucrative in history for a time, before being surpassed by Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour.”


If the African-American artist is accustomed to breaking records with her music, it is also her business acumen and entrepreneurship that command admiration. The relationship she shares with singer Jay-Z provides her with an ally who shares her sense of ambition. Despite his infidelities tarnishing their marriage for a while, the two artists managed to fuel the storytelling of their relationship by releasing the joint album “Everything Is Love” in 2018 to celebrate their reconciliation.




In 2023, Forbes’ annual ranking of the richest women in America placed Beyoncé at 48th with a net worth of $540 million (491 million euros).


With over 100 million albums sold worldwide, the singer’s music career has generated significant income. However, she has not hesitated to diversify into other activities, notably by launching her management and production company Parkwood Entertainment.


According to Forbes, Beyoncé and Jay-Z share a vast real estate portfolio worth around $320 million (291 million euros), including a $200 million (182 million euros) mansion in Malibu purchased by the couple in June 2023, considered the most expensive home in California history.


An Important Fashion Figure


Since her debut, Beyoncé has established herself as a dominant force not only in the music world but also in fashion. Her influence, transcending borders, continues to inspire millions of fans with her bold style and powerful stage presence. She turned her latest tour into a veritable fashion show by partnering with the most popular designers of the moment. Her stage costumes by Jacquemus, Balmain, Mugler, and Pucci created a buzz on social media with each performance. Rolling Stone magazine even ranked her second behind singer Rosalía in its list of the 25 most stylish musicians of 2024.


It’s clear that Beyoncé combines her entrepreneurial spirit with her love for fashion. Over the years, she has launched several clothing lines, including the sportswear brand Ivy Park in partnership with Adidas, which has generated revenues of over $1.2 billion since its launch in 2016.


Most recently, her surprise appearance at the Luar fashion show during New York Fashion Week caught the attention of the fashion world. Coming to support her nephew, a model in the show, Beyoncé appeared dressed in a silver ensemble by Gaurav Gupta, cowboy hat on her head, and embroidered thigh-high boots. This was enough to give a new boost to the Western trend, which had already made its mark at the Louis Vuitton men’s fall-winter 2024-2025 show.


Beyoncé at the Luar fashion show in New York on February 13, 2024

Engaged Artist and Activist


Beyond her financial success, Beyoncé uses her fame to promote important social causes and encourage the empowerment of women and marginalized communities. The BeyGOOD foundation, created by the artist in 2013, aims to provide scholarships and disaster relief worldwide.


Her socially conscious artistic performances, such as her visual album “Lemonade,” have been praised for their exploration of themes like race, feminism, and social justice.


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Cécred or the ambition to revolutionize the beauty sector


The announcement thrilled fans. In early February, Beyoncé unveiled the name of her new haircare label “Cécred.” Available for purchase on the brand’s website on Tuesday, February 20, the Cécred range is positioned as a comprehensive line of care products catering to a wide spectrum of hair textures and types, from straight to kinky.


With this new project, Beyoncé aims to make a mark in the cosmetics industry. “The creation of Cécred took years, and I am very proud to finally reveal what we have been working on. As a Black founder, it was important for me to focus on areas where I saw the greatest need for healthy hair care and to prioritize scientific innovation and product performance above all,” the singer explains on her brand’s website.


Once again, the star highlights her philanthropic commitment by announcing that Cécred plans to allocate $500,000 annually to scholarships and grants for hairstyling professionals.


Priced between $20 and $52, Cécred products currently focus solely on hair care. However, it has been announced that the brand will diversify over time by offering sleepwear, home linens, or even sleep masks, aiming to become a significant name among lifestyle brands.





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