Bow tie day: These 4 luxury houses that bring this accessory up to date

Saturday, August 28 is Bow Tie Day, the perfect opportunity to offer you a selection of the most beautiful luxury bow ties.


To this day, the exact date of the first appearance of bow ties is not known. Among historians, several theories remain as to the creation of the elegant alternative to the tie. Some say it was the famous English dandy Beau Brummel who devised a delicate tie knot in the 19th century.


Others lean more on an American invention. In 1886, James Potter, who was returning from a trip to the Prince of Wales Edward VII, attended a ball at the Tuxedo Park Country Club wearing a unique suit made by Henry Poole. A friend of James Potter, Pierre Lorillard IV, would have retouched his tie, thus giving place for the first time to the marriage between bow tie and tuxedo suit.


Finally, others prefer to believe that the bow tie appeared for the first time in 1904, when Giacomo Puccini‘s opera Madame Butterfly would have given its performance, creating the event around its bow tie.


Anyway, the bow tie has evolved a lot since its creation, and while it was once reserved for men, it is not uncommon nowadays to see a woman wearing a bow tie on the steps of Cannes. Back on the most beautiful bow ties of luxury.


The bow ties of the Cinabre house



The house Cinabre is the supplier of ties of the Elysee. Each tie and bow tie is handmade in the Cinabre workshops in Loir-et-Cher. The know-how has been passed on for 3 generations and the brand sells its bow ties at the Bon Marché or in the concept store of the Ritz hotel.


Cinabre‘s tuxedo and cocktail bows are made of black satin, in an exclusive black silk. The fabric is made on a 19th century loom that runs at a slow pace to preserve the quality of the fiber.


Gucci’s bow ties




The Italian house of Gucci has also designed very elegant bow ties. Classic, the latter embody for the brand Italian sobriety and class. Designed by Alessandro Michele, these black silk bow ties with tapered tips will allow you to leave your ties in the closet for once.


Bowtie by Le Loir en Papillon



Sold at the Bon Marché in Paris (level -1) or online, the bow ties of the brand Le Loir en Papillon are handmade in the capital. Custom-made by the designer Mickael Francois Loir, the brand is very attached to the dandy universe. As a child, the designer loved to catch butterflies, accompanied by his grandfather. As he grew up, his interest turned to bow ties.


The child has grown up, it is the bow that now hangs around his neck. Tie his bow, choose it carefully, in harmony with his costume: elegance has replaced hunting,” he says on the online store of the house.


The bow ties of Dior



The French house of Dior is known worldwide for its elegant pieces and classic style. And the brand‘s bow ties are no exception to the rule. Dior‘s new black silk star motif bow tie, made in Italy, is one of the brand‘s most sophisticated. On the bottom side, a red and silver jacquard star dresses up the bow. An adjustable strap allows you to adjust the size of the neck, for optimal fluidity.





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