CES 2024: High-Tech Innovations You Won’t Want to Miss

The CES in Las Vegas once again presents from January 9 to 12 the technological innovations intended for the general public in all sectors. Star of this 2024 edition: Artificial Intelligence (AI) propels projects into a new era of development, whether for transport, health, or augmented reality.


The 2024 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) returns to Las Vegas from January 9 to 12 with its 3500 exhibitors. Organized by the Consumer Technology Association, the event allows large groups and startups to present their new products and high-tech innovations.


Artificial Intelligence Infiltrates the Health Sector


In the health sector, several innovations are presented at CES 2024. The BeamO device, from the French company Withings, allows for a health check-up at home. Thanks to its sensors, it can measure heart rate, blood oxygenation, and body temperature from the temporal artery with a new technology more precise than previous versions. BeamO also offers a digital stethoscope using acoustic sound waves from the chest and back which can be directly transmitted to the doctor during a teleconsultation. The product will be available in June 2024 for €249.95.


BeamO - Home Health Check
Photo by Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid


Glidance showcases Glide, a robot replacing guide dogs for blind people. The sensors analyze the scene and the robot can describe the environment through vocal indications to its user thanks to artificial intelligence. 


Glidance's Glide robot to assist visually impaired people.
The Glide robot to assist visually impaired people – Image by Glidance


Flying Taxis by 2028


Hyundai unveils its flying taxi prototype, the S-A2, designed by its subsidiary Supernal. It’s an eVOLT, an electric vehicle with vertical takeoff and landing, thus solving the problem of traffic in urban areas. Its range would allow carrying four passengers in addition to the pilot for trips ranging from 40 to 65km at 190km/h. Its operation would not emit more than 65 decibels during landing and takeoff. Hyundai hopes to offer a production version by 2028. 


Hyundai's Electric Flying Taxis at CES 2024
The S-A2 prototype by Hyundai at CES 2024


Realism and AI



The Wehead companion is also presented by the eponymous company at CES. It is connected to ChatGPT to allow the user to directly dialogue with an AI face, displayed on a screen. This last, customizable, is capable of reproducing facial expressions. It is connected to a small bust capable of reproducing more or less human head movements. Wehead costs about 500 euros, but it is possible to benefit from it for free for three months in exchange for the collection of your audio and video data.


Holoconnects exhibits its Holobox which makes holographic technology accessible with a 2 meters high and 1.5 wide box equipped with a touch screen. It is portable and operates with a simple electricity supply. A video is enough for the hologram to be generated and projected inside the Holobox. Its price is 55,000 euros.


Holobox by Holoconnects with CEO Andre Smith
Holoconnects CEO Andre Smith in the Holobox – Photo by Sabrina Ortiz for ZDNET


A Selective Cat Flap


Unusual products also have their place at the Las Vegas Show, such as the intelligent Flappie cat flap, available for about 400 euros. This airtight cat flap limits access to the house by allowing entry only to animals with a connected chip. A small camera has been added to prevent cats from bringing in their hunting trophies. The artificial intelligence refuses access as long as the cat has not dropped the carcass. Flappie is also useful to prevent wild animals from infiltrating the home such as coyotes, snakes, or even raccoons. 


Simulation of a cat holding prey, trying to infiltrate a house through the Flappie - Photo by Nathan Ingraham for Engadget
Simulation of a cat holding prey, trying to infiltrate a house through the Flappie – Photo by Nathan Ingraham for Engadget



Featured Photo ©James Martin/CNET

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