Cointreau presents Vincent Darré’s surrealist Margarita box set in a very limited edition!

This year, show your loved ones that they are unique by offering them the Surrealist Margarita de Cointreau Gift Set created by Vincent Darré! A very limited edition of 17 boxes celebrating Cointreau’s Original Margarita for the holiday season. Don’t panic! The bottle designed by the decorating artist Vincent Darré is also sold alone. You no longer have an excuse not to find the perfect gift!


The house Cointreau and the decorating artist Vincent Darré join forces for a second consecutive year to celebrate the art of cocktail and the emblematic margarita.


Together they present the “surrealist” margarita box, a very limited series of 17 gift boxes chased by the extravagant creator, which brings together the essentials for preparing and tasting the original cointreau margarita: a bottle of the limited edition cointreau created by Vincent Darré, a shaker, and two vintage glasses.


All of this comes together in an elegant and surprising box designed by the artist.


A new collaboration that combines the free and fanciful spirit of Vincent Darré with the unique and ancestral know-how of the house of Cointreau.


Vincent Darré © Cointreau


An original and surrealist box


He has always claimed it: Vincent Darré is a “serial chineur” in search of vintage glasses and shakers out of the ordinary. For this “surrealist” margarita box set, he first skimmed one of the biggest Parisian flea markets, before going on a virtual world tour with tasteful prescribers.


Margarita is an international phenomenon! Result: a surprising art deco inspired shaker with the unexpected shape of a penguin associated, not with the classic margarita cup, but with a duo of original, graphic or colored glasses.


These are vintage glasses chinés by Vincent Darré, a retro shaker selected by the artist and then bought new in the necessary quantities for each box. Singular objects following the artist’s example.


I have always been an antique dealer and a big fan of flea markets and antiques, I was even an ambassador for one of the biggest iconic antique markets in the city of Paris. That’s where we began our search for atypical objects to make up our boxes. This ant work lasted several months because I did not want anything banal. Like the house cointreau, the elements that make up the box “surrealist” margarita seem to cross the ages“, Vincent Darré.


Shaker / Glass from the Cointrau and Vincent Darré box © Cointreau


In the image of Vincent Darré, passionate about vintage and singular objects, each of the “surrealist” margarita boxes celebrate the original Cointreau margarita.


This new limited edition consists of 17 very exclusive boxes distributed in France, China and the United Kingdom.


In each “surrealist” margarita box set, you will find 1 Cointreau bottle of the limited edition designed by Vincent Darré, 1 art deco style penguin shaker and 2 vintage glasses selected by Vincent Darré.




Featured photo : © Presse

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