Cuban artists explore the world of cryptographic art

Cuban artists have announced plans to offer 1,492 digital portraits of Cubans for sale via NFTs, with the aim of launching the “Cryptocuban Social Club”, and fostering the expansion of cryptographic art on the island.


Taking advantage of the meteoric popularity of NFTs, which shows no signs of slowing down, Cuban artists began photographing Cubans in creative poses and clothing in September. A total of 1,492 unique portraits were created, a nod to the year Christopher Columbus first set foot on the island.


Buyers of the digital portraits will be able to interact with the “CryptosCubans“, the artists behind the project, after the launch of their online platform. Concerts and parties in Cuba should also be offered. “This will create a real unique community that will connect us and our culture to the rest of the world,” said the artists behind the project.


The aim of this project is to connect Cuban culture to the rest of the world. Featured photo : REUTERS / Alexander Meghini


The portraits and people combine the warmth of Cuban society with a digital world that can seem cold and distant,” says Gabriel Guerra, the project’s co-founder. “The stories that people have told us literally encompass Cuban society, our daily life, our pain, our dreams.”


Since the emergence of NFT, Cuba has become a fast-growing hotspot for cryptographic and digital art. Photographers and artists like Gabriel Guerra are using digital cryptography platforms to access new markets and audiences. The advantage is that it means artists don’t have to leave the country to sell their work, and potential buyers don’t have to come to the country to buy a piece.


This can give Cuban artists not only the freedom to create, but also the freedom to connect with collectors around the world,” says Gabriel Guerra.


Part of the profit from the sales will go to the subjects of the portraits in the form of Ethereum. Featured photo : REUTERS / Alexander Meghini.


The official launch of the project is scheduled for December. 20% of the profits will be donated in Ethereum to the subjects of the portraits, giving 1,492 Cubans access to cryptoassets, according to the project’s website.


The CryptoCuban Social Club promises that buyers of its NFTs will own much more than just an image, and would gain access to an entire community and a “live project of change”.


Cuba declared in August that it would allow crypto-currencies, making it one of several Latin American countries to have recently expressed interest in regulating digital currencies.




Featured photo : © Unsplash

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