Daniel Libeskind signs the new Hennessy cognac bottle

The “Richard Hennessy” cognac decanter, named after the founder of the Hennessy spirits house, has been given a new design by the architect Daniel Libeskind.


After Frank Gehry, it’s architect Daniel Libeskind‘s turn to share his design vision for a Hennessy decanter. His mission ? To transform the “Richard Hennessy” cognac bottle into a tribute to the founder of the famous spirits house. The bottle, made of Baccarat crystal, features an angular outer shape surrounding a curved inner shape reminiscent of a traditional cognac bottle.


© Hennessy


The inspiration for the decanter came from the powerful Richard Hennessy emblem and the symbol of the brand’s future,” the architect explains. “I wanted to honor the history while elevating it.”


By combining curved and angular forms, Libeskind wanted to express the tradition of Hennessy, founded by Richard Hennessy in 1765. “The juxtaposition of the organic curves with the bold geometric shape of the silhouette gives a new energy and complexity to the liquid inside. (…) The result was to insert the soft, curved shape into the crystalline form that echoes the spirit of Richard Hennessy” .


© Hennessy


Daniel Libeskind is a renowned architect and has designed buildings around the world, including the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the master plan for the World Trade Center site in New York. He compared the bottle design process to that of architectural design. “It’s a pretty organic process, but it always starts with a spark of inspiration – an idea, a place or even a feeling – and then turns into a flame of possibilities! The decanter was developed over many years – like a city plan or a large-scale cathedral.”




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I started with the classic Hennessy bottle shape, but I wanted to push the boundaries of design,” he continues “We also wanted to create something strong to embody Richard Hennessy’s legacy” .


The Hennessy x Libeskind bottle will be available for €5,800.





Featured photo : © Hennessy

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