Desert Rock Hotel takes you on an enchanting trip to the Saudi mountains

Have you always dreamed of spending a night nestled high in the heart of a mythical desert landscape like the mountains of Saudi Arabia ? Your dream will soon be possible, with the Desert Rock Hotel project. Let’s take a closer look at this hotel with its picturesque landscape.


The company behind this crazy project ? The architecture, urban planning and interior design firm, Oppenheim Architecture. Their wish : to build a luxury hotel in the mountains of Saudi Arabia, while respecting and preserving the beauty of the landscape that will surround the hotel, Desert Rock. Every rock extracted for the project will be reused in the luxury hotel’s suites in an environmentally friendly way.


© Oppenheim Architecture


Already in the heart of a breathtaking landscape, the hotel will also be located a few hours away from the fabulous hidden city of Saudi Arabia, Madâ’in Sâlih. A place that is still little known, but which holds many surprises.




This luxury resort is expected to comprise 48 villas and a dozen suites. You can spend time relaxing and unwinding at the spa or keeping fit at the hotel’s fitness center. A wide selection of activities are available, including mountain walks and many others.



This hotel also highlights their responsible and environmentally friendly approach, mobilising their efforts to reduce light pollution. In addition, the design is expected to receive the LEED green building standard.


© Oppenheim Architecture


“Most of the building materials will be recycled on site, so the impact of the building is minimal and the new forms embody the same colours and minerals as their surroundings,” said Oppenheim Architecture.


The hotel is expected to be completed soon as work has already begun on the Desert Rock Hotel, which is expected to welcome its first guests in 2023.




Featured Photo : © Oppenheim Architecture

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